About Us

Sales Talent Agency is Canada's leading sales recruitment company.

We are sales experts who associate with rain-makers, not warm bodies.

We know a quota crusher from a revenue sponge. We have credibility with quality sales professionals because we have been in their shoes: we have “carried a bag”, we have led sales teams, we have developed sales strategies. We know that every open sales role – from VP to Business Developer – represents revenue a company is losing. Every day a role is unfilled or has the wrong person in the seat, means a day losing ground on the competition. We are respected as sales experts by the people we place, by the companies we help, and by the sales community as a whole.

You'll Love Our Team

Our Core Values

Effort isn't optional

It takes hard work to be the best, to meet goals, and to find gems. If we lose... and we will occasionally lose... it won't be from a lack of effort.

Empathy always

Our goals are not the only ones that matter. We will build long-term and trusting relationships by striving for a win/win.

Expertise is earned

We will learn from each and every project, engagement, success and mistake, and will use our knowledge to improve everyday.