5 key elements of the perfect sales P-I-T-C-H



Crafting a good pitch can be the difference between having a door open, or not. It is one of the most critical components of the sales process and it’s important to think carefully about what you are trying to sell, who you are selling to, and how you are going to get them to listen! Below are 5 key elements to keep in mind when considering that perfect pitch!

P- Problem solver (Show how you have a solution that works)

  • First thing is to identify a problem that exists, and what the solutions is that you have to help solve that problem. Sales is really problem solving in disguise, so it’s critical to think about what problem you are looking to help with.

I- Inspire an action (Have an end goal in mind that you’re leading them to)

  • It’s important to have an end goal so that you know what direction you’re heading.    We’ve all heard the term – Getting to a Close, and it’s ok to say upfront what your goals are, whether it’s buying a case of stake-knives, or requesting a professional business meeting.  Getting that next step or inspiring a positive action, is the most critical component of an effective pitch.

T- Tailor it to the audience

  • Make sure you’ve done your research; know who you are talking to, (or if selling to a company, know everything about that company) what their own goals might be and why what you have to say is important? Part of knowing what is important to them is also asking good questions. One of the most critical components in sales is asking good questions, and a great first pitch should open the door to you to have the opportunity for that 2nd step which is a meeting to discuss things further and learn more about the goals of the customer.  A well tailored pitch will get you to the next step in the sales process.

C- Concise (be quick and to the point)

  • We live in a Twitter Universe where people’s expectations are that you can make a concise argument in 140 characters, or 30 seconds!  That’s pressure!

  • It’s called an elevator pitch because if you’re in an elevator with someone you want to hire you, you have about 30 seconds before the elevator reaches the lobby to get him or her to take your card. By tailoring it to them and solving a problem they have, you’re more likely to keep their attention and inspire an action.

H- Heart (Be passionate!)

  • Passion is contagious!! Be passionate about what you’re selling. Whether you’re selling yourself, your product, show them why it’s important and why they should care – with passion!
  • Be authentic and always be professional

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