Case Study: Long-term Recruitment

Client: Thomson Reuters


Quality salespeople with specialized experience are not easy to find, but Sales Talent Agency can find them

The Challenge

Thomson Reuters objective was to make a series of critical hires for their sales team. They had limited resources internally yet wanted to find a range of highly-specialized individuals at varying career levels including a bilingual client specialist and enterprise sales executive.

It was comprehensively understood that this was not going to be a straightforward search. Due to the niche skillset and cultural fit required, Thomson Reuters was looking for a long term return on investment over an ‘easy’ solution. At the time, the company was in the process of an extensive internal restructuring with the aim of strengthening their position in the Canadian market. Sales Talent Agency was brought on-board to help obtain their growth goals.

The Company

Thomson Reuters is recognized as the world’s leading source of intelligent information, a unique synthesis of human intelligence, industry expertise and innovative technology. Their aim is to deliver critical information to decision makers across industries to find trusted answers.

Thomson Reuters has 45,000 professionals in 100+ countries with hundreds of years of experience. In 2016, Thomson Reuters generated $11.2B in annual revenue and had a profit margin of 19.2%.


The Solution


One of the most challenging aspects of this project was understanding the type of person who would excel on Thomson Reuters sales team. In addition to a history of particular deal sizes, hunting and a vast network of client relationships, the ideal candidate in question had to possess tenacious business acumen and a strong understanding of the finance sector. The perfect fit would have the correct experience, be highly intuitive, goal-oriented and overall incredibly polished. Being able to navigate in complex markets selling intricate products and offerings was a must.


Attracting the right talent

In order to deliver on our promise of presenting quality candidates specific for the role, we had to be strategic in our approach. This search was not about casting a wide net, rather headhunting particular candidates that embodied the client's distinct profile.

Once we found the right fit, we positioned Thomson Reuters as an industry leader optimal for those seeking long-term career development. With offices worldwide, one of the biggest selling features was their global brand presence and ability to grow within. This boded nicely for the profile we were looking for as these individuals often felt they had peaked in terms of growth potential in past roles.



We coached hiring managers with our DNA/PRO™ methodology that allowed them to measure both talent and performance. Over the course of a multi-level interview process involving key decision makers 12 offers were extended.

The Result

Thomson Reuters successfully made 11 hires through Sales Talent Agency attaining their specific recruitment goals. We know that the average salesperson stays in their role for 1.7 years and measure our success based on this time frame. Our candidates were not just a great fit at the time but are continuously thriving 3+ years later. Since placed, 9 are still with the company and 2 have been promoted. All 9 are categorized as top performers by Thomson Reuters.



“We’ve promoted 9 of the candidates we have hired to management levels. This was epic.” 

- Meghan Nichol, Director of People and Culture at BBTV



Since this project Sales Talent Agency and BBTV continue to partner on recruitment projects