Our Terms

  1. There is no fee is no fee if Sales Talent Agency Inc. does not place a candidate with your organization for contigency based searches

  2. Sales Talent Agency Inc. will source, screen and coordinate the recruitment and interviews for the assigned role(s).

  3. Upon your request, Sales Talent Agency will check references of candidates in final stages of interviews using Xref, a leading third-party software. An additional charge of $25.00 will be applied per candidate where a reference check has been requested.

  4. Any candidate presented to your organization for the purpose of hiring consideration shall be considered a candidate of Sales Talent Agency Inc. for 12 months. Should you choose to hire one or more of these candidates, the applicable fees will be charged.

  5. Sales Talent Agency Inc. will request permission from all candidates prior to being presented to you. We will also ask if that candidate has applied to or been considered for a role with your organization at any time in the previous 12-months and if they have, we will not present them to you. Please note that we do rely on the candidate to be forthcoming in their response.

  6. Should we present a candidate that has already been introduced to your organization within the past 12-months, you must notify Sales Talent Agency within 48 hours that the candidate will not be considered a Sales Talent Agency introduction. Where necessary, supporting documentation may be requested.

Our No-Poaching Policy

  1. We will not solicit/headhunt a candidate that we placed with an organization
  2. We will not solicit/headhunt other employees from an Active Client
  3. If any employee of an Active Client solicits Sales Talent Agency for career help, we will notify them that - because of our relationship with their employer - we will not proactively direct them to current or future jobs we are working on
  4. If an employee of an Active Client applies - without solicitation from a Sales Talent Agency employee - to a specific job that one of our clients has outsourced to us, we will consider them for that role only UNLESS Sales Talent Agency placed them with that company in the previous 18 months
  5. When a specific candidate presented by Sales Talent Agency is in an offer stage with a client, that candidate will not be approached or presented for any other Sales Talent Agency clients for employment consideration