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“In today’s model and talent world, is a lot of chaos and unprofessionalism going on. I am so pleased and proud to say that Sales Talent Agency is a true, authentic, professional, and over and beyond type of agency. I strongly recommend Daniela Dos Santos as her professionalism was top-notch, excellent and unmatched.”


– Rachid

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew to find my most recent role. His expertise allowed me to secure a new position with a fantastic company. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone considering a career in the sales industry, he is the definition of a talented professional.


– Sahil

“I had the pleasure of working with Truzanne while seeking employment recently. Her professionalism is equally matched by her integrity and she seeks to find a true fit between an employer and a prospective employee. She is extremely responsive and open to collaborative conversations.” 


– Gail

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Case studies

Hiring Elite Junior Sales Talent

How Moneris partnered with Sales Talent Agency to get unprecedented access to elite entry-level sales talent. Read More.

Hiring with an Exclusive STA Recruiter

How Clearco and Sales Talent Agency partnered to make key leadership hires Read More.

Hiring Your First VP of Revenue

How Lane partnered with Sales Talent Agency to hire a Vice President of Revenue to scale its business from $1M to $100M+ in ARR. Read More.

Hiring for a Great Sales Leader, Quickly

How FirePower Capital and Sales Talent Agency partnered to make a critical hire. Read More.

Hiring for High-Growth With a Rented Recruiter

How Tipalti, a post Series D start-up, partnered with Sales Talent Agency to make 25 hires in Vancouver. Read More.

Hiring to Launch a New Go-to-Market Strategy

How AlertDriving partnered with Sales Talent Agency to hire elite Enterprise Account Executives to help successfully launch a new go-to-market strategy. Read More.

Hiring for Non-Sales Hires with a Sales Recruitment Company

How Moltex Energy used an exclusive Sales Talent Agency recruiter to make specialized, non-sales hires. Read More.

Hiring With a Dedicated Technical Sales Recruiter

How FormHero partnered with Sales Talent Agency to make 8 critical hires to scale its go-to-market team during the global pandemic. Read More.

Hiring Sales Experts in Canada’s Smallest Markets

How Sales Talent Agency helped Postmedia make 30 specialized sales hires across 8 new markets Read More.

Major Growth Partnership

How Telus and Sales Talent Agency partnered to make 31 great sales hires. Read More.

Hiring for a new Territory

How Sales Talent Agency helped EVS build their sales team in Western Canada. Read More.

Launching in a new Market

How Sales Talent Agency helped a global leader launch and dominate the Canadian market in just 11 months. Read More.

Hiring for Rapid Growth

42 great sales interviews and 16 hires made for a top Toronto-based SaaS company. Read More.

High Volume Recruitment

Making 50 quality sales hires in just 60 days does not have to be complicated Read More.

Making Quality Hires

Great salespeople make a big difference. Sales Talent Agency helped Thomson Reuters find some of their very best. Read More.

Long Tenure, Great Performance

How one Fortune 500 industrial company made 21 highly specialized sales hires over 9 years. Read More.

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Over the past 14 years, Sales Talent Agency has worked hard to establish our reputation as the most knowledgeable and well-networked sales recruitment agency in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Sales Talent Agency has facilitated sales hires for over 1,400+ employers.

With more than 35 employees, Sales Talent Agency is Toronto, Vancouver & Calgary’s largest sales recruitment agency that has worked with companies including IBM, Ritual, Telus, American Express, and Waste Management. Our mission is to provide a competitive advantage for our clients when it comes to finding, attracting, choosing, and equipping their sales talent. Our Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary sales recruitment team meets with 18,000+ candidates each year and is guided by our DNA/PRO™ methodology for analyzing sales talent. We are respected as sales recruitment experts by the people we place, the companies we help, and by the sales community as a whole. Whether you require sales headhunters in Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary or you’re a working sales professional looking for your next sales job, we’d love to connect with you.



Sales Talent Agency is the United States largest sales recruitment agency comprised of sales recruitment experts. Sales Talent Agency meets over 18,000 candidates every year using their proprietary DNA/PRO™ candidate assessment methodology.

Since 2007, Sales Talent Agency has helped its clients make their best sales hires in the United States. Sales Talent Agency has worked on over 11,000 sales recruitment projects and has spent over 800,000 hours in sales recruitment using their DNA/PRO™ candidate assessment methodology. DNA/PRO™ helps Sales Talent Agency determine the key components that make up a great salesperson and that is one way they set themselves apart from other sales recruitment agencies in the United States. “DNA” refers to the talent a person has that ensures sales success; “PRO” digs into the job-readiness of a candidate based on past work experience. Their clients include but are not limited to: Firmex, BroadbandTV, Grand & Toy, Metrie, TELUS, Ritual, Moneris, Procore, and League (just to name a few). Whether you require sales headhunters in the United States or you’re a working sales professional looking for your next sales job, Sales Talent Agency would love to connect with you.



Sales Talent Agency’s 35+ employees are equipped to help their clients in Europe with any series of problems they may be facing when it comes to attracting top sales talent, including hiring for rapid growth, high volume recruitment or making a quality hire in a niche market.

Sales Talent Agency offers highly customized solutions setting them apart from other sales recruitment agencies in Europe. For more than a decade, Sales Talent Agency has been recognized as one of the fastest growing sales recruitment agencies in North America and Europe. Sales Talent Agency helps their clients find, attract, choose and equip their best sales hires. They have made over 5,700 placements and interview with over 18,000 salespeople every year. Notable clients include: Clearco, Peninsula and Tipalti. If you are a company that requires sales headhunters in Europe or you’re a working sales professional looking for your next sales job, we’d love to connect with you.


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