Arianna Mills

Key Account manager, toronto 

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For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed a good challenge. I may not have known what I wanted to do growing up, but I knew how to keep an eye open for good opportunities. Without an exact “title” of what I hoped to become one day, I studied Business at Brock University, as I loved every aspect of business and knew it would provide clarity on where to build my career. In the end, it ended up being my experiences that guided me to where I am today. 

My first summer job was for a local solar energy company. The position was an experimental sales role for the company, cold calling residents out of a phone book and setting up consultations. I will never forget my days of going to work with a telephone book and a sharpie, crossing leads off one by one. The most valuable lesson that summer was that I could sell an industry that I literally had no experience in… and I loved that feeling! When I returned to school the next fall, I began working for the Office of Alumni Relations, which was responsible for Brock’s fundraising initiatives. It wasn’t long before I was meeting and exceeding the daily targets and became a team leader at the office. 

This led me to a full-time role as the Sales Team Lead at an office in Oakville where I became the top seller my first year there. I was responsible for managing the sales staff and reporting results directly to my manager and the President. As a recent graduate, I was given a variety of creative tasks including handling social media pages and assisting the Director of Marketing.

No matter what you are selling, I find the people you are working with are just as motivating as the sale itself. One of the best parts of working in sales is the rewarding feeling when somebody is happy with what you have supplied. It really is the people which led me to my desire to join the recruiting field! I myself was recruited by Sales Talent Agency for a separate position, but was thrilled when a position at the Agency was offered! By interacting with others at STA it was clear that it was an environment I would be lucky to be a part of and could not be more excited that this is where my career path has led me! I am eager to begin learning more about individual sales professionals across Canada and the various organizations driven by internal sales stars.

For the love of sales!