Arkan Imam

Senior Executive Search Associate, Toronto

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My sales career began at the age of twelve, working as a newspaper carrier in my neighborhood. Looking back, the best part of the job was signing up neighbors for the paper, and seeing my street’s subscribers increase every month. Since then, I worked many sales roles during school, but never fully considered a career in sales until I was nearly finished University.

I studied Marketing and Finance at Ryerson University, where I earned my B.Comm. I remember being about a year away from graduation and talking to friends who had already graduated and started working. A few of them worked in sales. Their jobs were all very different, but had many things in common when talking about parts of the job they loved: Meeting new people, building relationships, and a fast paced, competitive environment. I realized that those were qualities I had also enjoyed over my career, and that I wanted more.  At the time I was a Sales Associate at Telus; I had won sales awards and loved my job, but a sales career still wasn’t on my radar until I had those conversations with friends and professors. And I’m glad I did.

That brings me here, to Sales Talent Agency. My role here is extremely exciting because I am able to really help sales people find amazing opportunities and achieve their professional goals.

For the love of sales!


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