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Beth Hartwell

Senior account manager, Vancouver

t.  778-238-1726
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For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed working with people. My first job was at a local cafe, and I will never forget the feeling of making someone's day by simply speaking and listening to them - especially after they had their morning coffee. Soon after that, I started working in the hospitality industry and quickly developed an extensive list of regulars. I loved working in a fast paced environment, while also developing relationships and friendships. What I didn’t realize along the way was that my love for people resulted in me loving sales!

While studying Geography at UBC, I enrolled in the co-op program and had my first work term at a boutique recruitment agency. We recruited for technical roles within Vancouver, and I was responsible for conducting reference checks, resume formatting, and general administrative duties. My time with this company definitely helped develop my interest in the Vancouver tech scene, and fueled my curiosity to keep up with new technology. After a few short months, I was actively recruiting for roles, was bringing in candidates, and successfully placed candidates - something no other student had done before!  

When my co-op term came to an end, I decided to move to the south of France for a year. I literally packed my bags and bought an open-ended ticket. I spent that year nannying for a family which was at times, incredibly trying, but also taught me a great deal of patience and persistence. You need to get creative when trying to persuade a five year old to go to sleep!

When I returned home I had to switch gears and focus on completing my degree, and another co-op term. I went to work for Environment Canada as a Project Coordinator. While this position taught me a lot about project management, I was left wanting more - more connections, a more fast-paced environment, and more sales! Upon graduation I knew that sales was where my career was heading.

Recruitment perfectly fuses together all of these things, and allows me to make a positive difference in people's lives. I feel so privileged to work for Sales Talent Agency, and I look forward to many years of growing with the team.

Outside of the office, you can catch me on the bike at Spin Society where 50 minutes on a stationary bike will literally take you to places you never thought possible. Pushing people’s potential, as well as my own has never been so rewarding.

For the love of sales!


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