First time with a recruitment agency?

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How does it work?

Simply put, we help our clients make their best sales hires. We do this by meeting thousands of salespeople just like you (last year we met with 18,600 people to be exact!) To evaluate the very best, we use our proprietary DNA/PRO™ methodology. This helps us determine a sales rockstar from a revenue sponge.

If we feel you'd be a great fit for one of our clients, we will present you directly for a role. If we don't have an opportunity that aligns with your background, we will add you to our database and reach out when the perfect opportunity arises.

The process

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1. Apply for a role

At this stage you've either applied to a role through our job board, or we've reached out directly to you.

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2. Schedule a meet

We'd love to chat! The aim of our phone/video call is to determine if you are a fit for our client.


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3. Determine next steps

If you're a fit for a current role we're working on, we will present you for an interview. If not, we will add you to our database for future opportunities.

How to prepare

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