Chelsea Thorne

Senior Account Manager, Toronto

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While completing my degree in Criminology at the University of Western Ontario, I had the wonderful opportunity to continue my competitive swimming career on the women’s varsity swim team. My experience as a student-athlete taught me to utilize the competitive spirit of sport in my pursuit of academic excellence, as well as how to balance the competing demands through time management. Throughout my four years at Western, I quickly found my passion for helping people and learning about their past experiences, which lead me into searching for a career in the Sales industry.    

Following the completion of my final exams in April, I was given the opportunity to work at Sales Talent Agency. I first came in contact with Sales Talent Agency while searching for the right opportunity for my passion for helping and connecting with people. After speaking with several Account Managers at the agency, I quickly realized my skills and passions for connecting with people aligned with the foundations of Sales Talent Agency. Upon this realization, I was given the amazing opportunity to work alongside the Account Managers that originally assisted me in looking for the perfect position.

In the move from Calgary to Toronto, I look forward to bringing my love for people and competitive edge as an Account Manager at Sales Talent Agency. I look forward to developing an itinerary of new skills with Sales Talent Agency!

For the love of sales!


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