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Not many people get it right the first time, but adversities and detours in your life journey can help you in unexpected ways.

“Just as we develop our physical selves through overcoming opposition - such as lifting weights - we develop our character by overcoming challenges and adversity.”

-Stephen Covey

I started working at 14 years old, in the summer after ninth grade. I worked 12-hour days for $7.05 an hour and I kept myself enthusiastic by thinking of what I could do with the money and the freedom it brought me. During high school I worked in retail and in an auto-mechanics shop before starting my own business detailing luxury cars at the owner’s homes as an extension of a detailer which serviced the mechanic’s shop I worked at. I also started my own business, repairing computers in my home town. My next big move was into the hospitality, I worked as a server and bartender for five years before starting at the Ted Rogers School of Management and I continued working in hospitality during University.

My final year before graduation, I felt lost as to what career path to follow. I started reading a lot with the aim of discovering my unique path in the world. I asked myself “What can I possibly be better at than the next new-graduate”. With the help of friends and acquaintances, I found my way into a sales career, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

“Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand! It's the profound result when two or more respectful human beings determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge.”

-Stephen Covey

My degree is in Business Law, with minors in finance and economics. My extra-curricular education was learned through working in hospitality and living my life to the fullest. Outside of school I explored, I bought, sold, crashed and rebuilt several motorcycles, made mistakes, got very lucky and made lifelong friends. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. I didn’t realize until I was finished school, by working 100+ hour weeks in the summer, by balancing classes and other responsibilities and by giving into my curiosity and branching out, I had earned myself a school-of-hard-knocks MBA with the focus in disaster control by the synergy of all my experiences together. All the people and experiences in my life have led to something I believe is truly great and will only get better.

Now I find myself with a rewarding career which I can honestly say inspires me, a few scars, a bunch of great friends and a lot of stories.

For the love of sales!