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Danielle Lazenis

Account manager, Toronto

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Over the course of my life, I’ve always known that I would follow in both of my parent’s footsteps and pursue a career in sales. As a recent graduate from Ryerson University with a B.Comm. in Marketing Management and a minor in Sales Management and Service Quality, I am ecstatic to finally start my career in my desired field. 

My passion for sales emerged through various sales and retail jobs, as well as my educational background. My very first job in sales was difficult to get, as I had no prior retail experience needed for the position.  But after perfecting the art of persuasion during one of my first interviews, I was given the chance to sell what girls and women love most in this world…shoes! Although the job was challenging at times, I really thrived and enjoyed working in that type of environment.

The summer after graduation, I had the pleasure to fundraise for Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign utilizing door-to-door sales tactics. I earned a quick promotion to Assistant Manager as I was achieving some of the highest amounts of daily and weekly donations. Entering into a management position was exciting but challenging because I not only had to ensure my own numbers were being achieved, but also my entire team as well. As a naturally self-motivated individual, I was always the one to motivate others and to encourage the development of my team. 

Door-to-door sales taught me how to handle rejection in a positive way, as well as enhanced my interpersonal and negotiation skills. My motto is “every no is closer to a yes,” and maintaining this mindset throughout my career has been essential to my success. As someone who loves sales and helping others, this role at Sales Talent Agency is the perfect role for me, and it’s a pleasure to be working with some of the best sales people in the country.

For the love of sales!


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