Erin McLachlan

Executive Search CONSULTANT, Toronto

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I grew up knowing I would end up in a career that required a lot of talking and relationship building. As a kid I was described as talkative and persuasive which meant no one was surprised when my first summer job was as a telemarketer. Most people would say telemarketing was their worst job but I loved it! The challenge and the thrill of the sale kept me going back summer after summer. 

I continued to work various jobs throughout university and even landed a gig singing the national anthem for the University of Guelph hockey team. 

After completing my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Guelph I worked as a sales representative and travel consultant for one of Canada's fastest growing student travel companies. I found a love for travel and sales that allowed me to connect with my clients on a very personal level. After this position I decided it was time to travel the world! After visiting over 30 countries I have experienced many other cultures first hand. While traveling I continued to work in sales and had my first taste of recruitment while working at an agency in Melbourne. 

When I returned to Canada it was a natural progression to go into sales and recruitment. I found myself working downtown Toronto at one of the largest staffing agencies in Canada. After spending almost 4 years at this agency I surpassed multiple targets and achieved a very high level of success. I was promoted to a Senior Account Manager and worked with countless companies to find the perfect recruitment solutions within their administrative support and sales divisions.   

With my passion and excitement for sales continuing to grow I jumped at the opportunity to join the team at Sales Talent Agency. I now specialize in the recruitment of leadership roles within sales as an Executive Search Consultant. In this role I continue to build meaningful relationships with sales professionals to ensure our clients and candidates find their perfect match! 

For the love of sales!