Isabella Taylor

account manager,Toronto

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At the age of 18, after completing high school at Lakefield College, I was awarded a travel scholarship which led me on a 9- month backpacking tour across Europe and North Africa. It was an opportunity to indulge my love of sightseeing, trying new foods, and meeting interesting people. Rather than bouncing quickly from country to country my goal was to spend quality time observing and absorbing the particular cultures of each place I visited. Although it was hard to bring my year abroad to an end, I was eager to make the transition to university and the working world.

My decision to study Sociology and Philosophy at McGill reflected my passion for learning, and a need to explore the way the world functioned, as well as my place in it. Growing up in the small island of Barbados made my transition to Montreal winters difficult, but my desire to grow and succeed in a big city led me first to Toronto and then fortunately to Sales Talent Agency. I've been searching for a career that satisfies both my need for excitement and my natural competitive drive, and a career in sales is exactly that.

I began working in sales at a young age, helping my grandparents at one of their retail stores in Barbados and as my career developed I quickly learned that this is a field I could not only thrive in but truly love. In my pursuit of this passion, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of individuals and contribute in every way possible to the growth of our company.