Jeevan Binning

Senior Account Manager, Vancouver 

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I spent the majority of my childhood moving, unable to fully ground my roots and as a result I grew up very shy, the perfect “wallflower”. Immediately after I had graduated high school in Atlanta, Georgia, I moved to Vancouver and completed a double concentration BBA at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. Moving across North America to where no one knew me, gave me an opportunity to redefine myself. I still clearly recall the “Aha-Moment” that pushed me out of my own comfort zone to be the outgoing, gregarious person that I am today. I was sitting in my business lecture as a first year student and my professor had called on students requesting a volunteer to present in front of 500+ students. The “high school me” was petrified and timid. However, I remember realizing at that moment that I did not want to live my life in fear or hold myself back from reaching my own potential. At that moment, I had mustered up all my courage to volunteer myself that day… I survived! What I came to realize was that being genuine, transparent and confident - naturally attracted people towards me. As a result, throughout my university experience, I began pushing my boundaries constantly until it became natural and comfortable to do so. I took on leadership roles in a variety of business clubs, joined Toastmasters, attended networking events, Meet-up groups and joined the Vancouver Board of Trade in the Leaders of Tomorrow program… As they say, practice makes perfect!

Finally, once I graduated SFU I had a chance to travel on my own, work in sales for a Tech startup and eventually I found myself recruited by Sales Talent Agency for another position… But in a twist of fate, I was offered an internal position as an Account Manager!

Today, I can confidently say that I am someone who is very comfortable in my own skin, assertive and strive to be the best version of myself - in all aspects of my life… Oh and as an identical twin, I am naturally competitive, proving time and time again that I am the better, funnier and smarter twin… Shh, don’t tell her I said that.

For the love of sales!

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