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Franchise Development Manager

Job Type: Mid-level Sales Role

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Other

Job Number: 264212

Job Manager: Samantha Boychuk


On Target Income

On target income (OTI) is composed of your base salary + commission/bonus structure. OTI is a forecast of your potential earnings for the role.

Our client is a a leading global franchisor of world class education platforms and brands. They have recently acquired a dynamic and innovative adult education platform dedicated to up-skilling and corporate development across a wide range of programs. They are looking for a Franchise Development Manager to join their team and lead the charge in shaping a new direction by growing their franchise system, expanding their reach, and helping potential franchisees discover the immense value they offer.
  • Prospecting and Relationship Building:
    • Initiate and maintain proactive communication with potential franchise prospects, engaging them through personalized interactions.
    • Articulate their value proposition effectively, ensuring that prospects understand the potential return on investment (ROI) and benefits of operating a franchise under our brand.
  • Lead Generation and Qualification:
    • Leveraging your relationship building skills and direct communication to engage potential franchisees and investors.
    • Qualify prospects, ensuring they align with our brand's vision, have the necessary capital, and understand the franchise opportunity.
  • Personalized Sales Approach:
    • Deviate from automated processes, with a more human-centric approach to understand prospects' unique needs.
    • Qualifying leads to determine if they align with our ideal franchisor profile, engaging in in-person and virtual meetings to walk through the value, benefits, and investment opportunity of a franchise.
    • Working an end to end sales process from prospect to close with the right investors.
  • Franchise Information Dissemination:
    • Provide comprehensive information on investment details, territory allocation, territory size, and brand history.
    • Discuss ROI projections, lead generation strategies, staffing requirements, and offering a clear picture of the franchise opportunity.
  • Franchise Discovery Days:
    • Organize and host discovery days, either in-person or through video conferencing, to elaborate on the franchise process and answer questions.
    • Using a personalized approach to follow up individually with every lead and presenting the value in a very targeted way. 
  • Understanding Different Investor Profiles:
    • Collaborate with potential franchisees and help them understand the unique nature of our business model.
    • Address concerns, objections, and questions to make the opportunity more accessible.
    • Assess franchise prospects' readiness to invest, offering guidance on financing options when necessary.
  • Training and Support:
    • Collaborate with franchisees to outline training programs and support mechanisms, helping them envision their journey as part of the franchise network.
  • Collaboration with Sales and Management:
    • Work collaboratively to close franchise deals, ensuring a seamless transition to the franchise ownership stage.
    • Collaborate with the management team to refine the franchise offering and strategy.
  • Extensive experience in sales, an understanding of franchising or experience in franchise development/investments a strong asset
  • Familiarity with working with private equity firms and private investors, understanding how to tailor the approach to each group.
  • Ability to engage and build relationships with potential franchisees, with a strong focus on the human element of sales and consultative selling.
  • Knowledge of modern sales techniques, tools, and technology stacks.
  • Proven track record of achieving or exceeding sales targets.
  • Adept at navigating the intricacies of franchise sales and making complex concepts accessible to potential investors.
  • Self-starter and someone who is eager to succeed in a consultative and competitive environment. 
  • A business development mindset with a strong focus on hunting for the right franchise partners through potential investors and following up with potential leads.
  • Strong financial acumen, capable of discussing investments, ROI, and business plans.
  • Adaptability to communicate and collaborate across different time zones.

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