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We've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions answered by the actual people who work here.

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What does a recruiter do?

A sales recruiter, in its simplest form, helps their clients make their best sales hires. In my role I'll lift every rock to find the best candidates and then position them for great opportunities ranging from entry-level to executive level positions. My favourite part of the job, however, is working closely with my clients to ensure that they are choosing the best candidates for their role so they get a great return on investment.

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What do people wear to the office?

Our golden rule is that if you get pulled into a last minute client meeting, or an important client were to drop into our office, there should be absolutely no panic about your attire. We are a fun yet professional office and our attire should reflect that. Dark jeans and a blazzer? Great. Dress shirt and dress pants? Also great. Ripped jeans and a see-through top? Save it for the weekend.

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What are the hours like?

I've never been asked to stay late, but I take a lot of pride in my work, so if I need to stay late I'll stay late; if I can jet out a bit earlier because I've finished what I need to get done I have the flexibility to do that. Honestly though the pace around here moves fast, so I've never starred at at the clock waiting for it to be 5:00pm. A huge bonus to working at STA are our summer hours where you're free to leave as early as 2:00pm.

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What are the wins and losses like?

"The wins and losses for my team specifically, I work on the business development team, are really all about perspective. When we talk about sales- you usually have a 10% closing ratio- so you have 100% of your clients and 10% who actually end up working with you or buying something off of you. It's the same thing with our role. The way we like to think about it as a team is in perspective. We have the same ratios, but we have a lot of daily wins. Small things like having a great client conversation, booking a meeting... big wins like closing revenue or even getting a large client under your name as a BDR. We have losses everyday and sometimes I'll get off the phone where someone didn't talk to me very nicely or I caught them on the wrong day... but if you go back to the team everyone will take their turn saying something funny"

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What does the office look like?

The offices in Toronto and Vancouver are very open concept and modern, so it creates a really positive energy. We do have meeting rooms if you have an appointment or need some privacy, but most of the time people sit in our open concept environment. It's a really great layout for getting to know everyone.

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Can I work from home?

At the very early stages of your career we encourage everyone to work in office. There is so much learning to do early on, and you're at a disadvantage if you're not learning from your team. That said, once you have more seniority, you can work from home once a week to catch yourself up as you need to.

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Can you get promoted easily?

"My biggest win was being promoted to an account director. My biggest thing ever was always to be a leader, train, have a team. I worked really hard and it was really excited when they promoted me"


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