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Josh Hanson

account manager, Toronto

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Growing up in Arizona, sports were totally ingrained in the culture.  I bought into it completely playing every sport possible – but I fell in love with basketball. By age 16 however, reality kicked in and I realized the NBA wasn’t looking for a slow 6’ tall point guard.

I always had a keen interest in business but was never certain which area made sense for me.  This led me to Ryerson University where I earned a Business degree (B.Comm.).  It wasn’t until I took a course called Effective Persuasion: The Art of Sales that it occurred  to me I actually had been engaged in sales my entire life:  from selling candy and pop at middle school during lunch hour to selling steaks and Stella’s at Joey Don Mills to help pay for university.  Clearly sales had been in my blood, and I loved it. It wasn’t so much what I was selling that mattered; rather it was just the aspect of dealing with people that engaged me the most.

Shortly after graduating I was put into contact with Sales Talent Agency. Upon meeting them I quickly realized this would be a great fit. The interview process was like nothing I have been involved in before and it certainly brought out the best in me.  The culture, the team, what the company stood for all made the opportunity very compelling.

I’m excited to be an Account Manager at STA on Armin Tankovic’s team. I’m now in the envious position of being able to match great people with great opportunities; helping companies improve their sales teams and helping people maximize their potential.  

For the love of sales!