Katrina McGuire

Key Account Manager, Vancouver

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I grew up in a small community in Thunder Bay Ontario (known more for its snow than its career opportunities). Although my hometown is still dear to my heart, I realized then I needed to go out on my own if I wanted to follow my dreams. The moment I finished secondary school I hopped on a Greyhound, and two and a half days later landed in beautiful British Columbia. It certainly wasn’t hard to fall in love with Vancouver and the big city life, and soon after landing here I was ready for my next chapter.

I can’t honestly say that I was sure where I wanted to start my career, but I’ve always had a love for people and building relationships. This led me to the BBA Marketing Management program at Langara College. Throughout my time at Langara I was fortunate enough to find an outlet for my competitive nature in business competitions. These competitions allowed me the opportunity to not only build a large network but also thrive on the challenge of consistently learning about new industries and selling my ideas.

During my last year I completed an internship in the new Career Centre at Langara, where I was excited to be in an environment buzzing with eager students looking to start their careers. It was so satisfying to see the results of placing fresh, talented students into new and exciting roles! Identifying a lack of resources to serve students, I developed a Career Leader program where senior students were able to assist others in their career journey.

My first introduction to Sales Talent Agency was through the Great Canadian Sales Competition. Understanding the amazing opportunity this competition provided to students, I became an ambassador on campus. Over my four years of study I often recruited students on campus for various events, and flourished at the opportunity to do so for this sales competition.

Although I didn't originally consider myself a “sales person” by my last year of school I began to understand that I was actually constantly selling in some form or another in everything I did, and I loved it! I am very excited to be a part of the Sales Talent Agency team and work alongside such a group of talented professionals! 

For the love of sales!


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