Kim Kozak

senior account manager, Vancouver 

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For me, sales is about building relationships.

My first sales position was at the age of 15, working in one of Canada’s largest sports retail stores, which sold pro sports team apparel. Growing up I had played and watched baseball and had followed a little bit of hockey, but I had very little knowledge in any other professional sports. Having to name 5 teams from the NFL in the interview had me break a small sweat... I was surely in for a rude awakening when I had to clearly identify those and about forty other teams on the sales floor! It was an early understanding for me that being prepared to become an expert was an important key to building a strong relationship.  I learned the names of every professional sports team in North America.

Upon completing my Diploma in Communication Arts, Public Relations and Advertising, I joined a small recruitment firm that specialized in the Industrial/Oil & Gas sector. Having no experience in Recruitment, this decision was solely based on my passion for building relationships with people. Helping someone land a great job intrigued me. Helping a company make a great hire, appealed too. My instinct was correct: when it is done well, placing a candidate with a company is one of the greatest and most rewarding feelings ever.

After gaining about a year of full-cycle recruitment experience, I went on to join one of the world’s largest most reputable specialized financial recruitment agencies. This ended up being one of the greatest learning experiences for me. I quickly learned I loved turning a cold call into a business meeting, to a sales presentation, and into closing a deal. I loved being a part of a big 30-person team, and I thrived on the company’s high sense of urgency and quality.

Today I have spent 9 years in recruitment, and am excited to be working as a Senior Account Manager with Canada’s largest sales recruitment agency. I look forward to finding great sales professionals for top employers, and I look forward to continuing to develop my own sales career.

For the love of sales!

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