Linda Pham

Account Manager, Toronto

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Early on in my years of studying Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Alberta, I envisioned a career that would allow me to apply my passion of helping others using nutritional education. However, upon graduating and searching for career opportunities, I discovered that my professional goals stem from an even stronger passion: building relationships and working with people.

My previous experience as an intern at The Heart and Stroke Foundation exemplifies just that. I was excited to be involved with health promotion, but some of my favorite aspects of the job revolved around building relationships with clients and colleagues. During this role, I realized that I was in a very sales focused environment and it had a lot to do with working with people. I also realized that I saw sales in a new light. Unlike my previous sales experience as a Retail Sales Associate and Server where I would be selling a product, I was using sales as a skill to provide an education. Reflecting on this internship, I noticed that my hard working and results-oriented nature facilitated my success in a sales environment and I began to imagine a career in sales.

It wasn’t until I had an interview for an internal role with Sales Talent Agency that I discovered a keen interest for recruitment. During the assignment, I gained a lot of insight and found myself enjoying every aspect of the role and recognized how connecting top companies with quality sales professionals would allow me to apply both my passions: helping others and building relationships.

I started out as an STA Scout, where I learned about sales and recruitment. I was thrilled when I was presented with an opportunity to become an Account Manager shortly after. What drives me to be extremely motivated and excited to be part of STA is that I get to be surrounded by a talented team who are also wholly passionate about what they do.

For the love of Sales!