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Lisa Shales

Account Manager, Toronto

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I am a recent grad who just completed my Honors Double Major in Finance and Global Commerce at King’s University College in the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies program. Throughout my career at King’s, I was actively involved on King’s Students’ Council. My business degree combined with my extracurricular experience taught me one thing early on: that I wanted a career that involved building relationships and dealing with people. As much as I loved the finance aspect of business, I knew I was more passionate about the people side of business, which is what lead me to be interested in recruiting.

Throughout my experience on Students’ Council, I became a student leader. I was the Special Events Commissioner for one year, where I helped organized multiple events for first years. During my final year, I was the Graduating Class Representative on Council, and it was my job to single-handedly organize and sell tickets to our end of the year Grad Ball for 250 students. I was also actively involved on the promo team which involved selling tickets and promoting each event council put on. This taught me that I loved selling, I loved organizing, and I loved dealing with people. I knew then, that a career in sales was the right career for me.

I also got to have some incredible international experience during my undergrad. After my first year, I took a year off to do an internship teaching English in Paris, France. Having only lived in London, Ontario before, this was a great learning opportunity for me. I loved living in Paris, and it led me to want to move to the big city when I finished my degree.

I moved to Toronto searching for a career that would fulfill me and one I would be proud of which is what lead me to Sales Talent Agency. The Great Canadian Sales Competition was active on King’s campus and I was eager to learn more about the company. I had been contacted by a recruiter about a role they thought I would be a good fit for. As I worked with them through steps of the process, I kept thinking how much I wished I was on the other side of the phone, helping candidates find positions and helping candidates change their lives for the better. I knew then that I had found the right career for me and expressed my interested in joining the company.

I am extremely excited and proud to be a recruiter helping candidates each step of the way to finding the right career! I am very thankful to be working alongside such a hard-working group of individuals and having the opportunity to grow and learn at Sales Talent Agency.

For the love of sales!