Lucas Coleman

Business Development Representative, Toronto

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If you look at my personal history, you might wonder how I ended up in a Business Development role? Since the age of 12, all my time outside of school has been spent playing volleyball. With my parents support I played volleyball year-round at the most competitive level possible. I worked hard, took direction from my coaches, and watched all my matches on video year after year (thanks mom) to improve and reach my goals. This hard work inevitably led to the opportunity to represent Canada at an international level playing for the Men’s Youth and Junior National Teams for both indoor and beach volleyball.

The first sales experience I had was being Captain of the Ryerson Men’s Volleyball Team. I had to sell recruits and younger players on our team culture, personal growth opportunities, and university spirit. This was an incredibly hard sell since every player comes from a different background geographically, culturally, and spiritually and had their own personal success elsewhere. Successfully selling someone on something that you believe in so deeply is a very rewarding feeling and something I was lucky to do in my time as a Ram.

I’ve come to appreciate that sales, like sports, is highly competitive and my new role will allow me to continue to follow my lifelong passion for competing and working towards personal and team goals. Now that I have completed my Professional Communications degree at Ryerson University, I have the foundation, knowledge, and confidence to start my career in sales.

I’m incredibly thankful and excited to begin my journey in sales at Sales Talent Agency! I look forward to helping small to large companies improve their sales talent and services. 

For the love of sales!