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Mariam Ascan

account manager, TORONTO

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I consider myself a “third culture kid”. Born and raised in Russia until the age of 10, I’ve moved around my whole life- changing schools, cities and continents. After leaving Russia, I lived in Prague for 2 years, before finally immigrating to Canada nearly 11 years ago.

As a culture-shocked twelve year old, with only a few english words up my sleeve, I found myself facing a multitude of new obstacles. From basic ability to communicate, to integrating into a completely different culture, to starting a new life in a new country (with all friends and family living halfway across the world)- to say it was a challenge would be an understatement. However, it was also the best opportunity for growth that I was lucky enough to encounter early on. Today, I attribute what I consider to be some of my biggest strengths to my immigration experience.

Firstly, it taught me the ability to embrace change and adapt quickly- an imperative skill in our present-day world. It instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude for all the hard work and sacrifice my parents had to make in order to give me the opportunities I had (and have). This has shaped me to be a self-motivated person, with a thirst for achievement. Most importantly however, my experiences living in three entirely different cultures sparked my interest in people- understanding them, learning from them, and working with them.

I decided to further pursue this interest at McGill University, where I studied Psychology and Philosophy. I found myself learning even more outside the classroom, than in my lectures. McGill is best known for being two things- highly diverse, and highly competitive (in some ways it’s the perfect breeding ground for future sales people). While there, I dedicated the majority of my extra-curricular time to Alpha Omicron Pi, an international sorority (and no, it was nothing like in the movies!). I served as President for two years, which gave me a chance to work closely with so many interesting people, from all corners of the world. It was an incredible learning experience that helped me take my interpersonal and communication skills to the next level.

I wasn’t sure exactly what path my career would take upon graduation, but I knew I wanted to work with people, in a high-energy field that would both challenge and reward those who work hard to excel at what they do. My passion, drive for success and love of a good challenge pointed me directly to a sales career. I couldn’t be more proud and excited to embark on this journey with Sales Talent Agency!

For the love of sales!