Rita Pelosi

Account executive,Toronto

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I realized my love for sales in my social years when I found myself bringing people together, selling event/party tickets, organizing groups, organizing travel, collecting money, etc. My friends always said, “you can get anyone onboard to do anything.”

My love of travel was already wild.  After college I had plans to explore Thailand for 3 months but I needed a full-time job to save money.  A recruiter placed me with ClearNet/TELUS and I fell in love with my trainer; I wanted to do what she did.  She helped me career path, I went back to school and got my certification and within 1 year, I was working with my mentor in the Training department supporting all of Client Operations nationally.

After 9 wonderful years, I took my skills and love of travel and went to work at sea on cruise ships; training, developing training and working inter-departmentally to create effective training solutions.  Actually, I found myself back in sales mode; a large and very important part of what I did was sell the value of training to the department heads. Creating value around why they should take their staff away from productive work time to attend my sessions was a serious task.  I worked with up to 78 different nationalities onboard, people of diverse cultures, people of higher ranks, with totally different perspectives on life and varying life experiences.  This was an incredible learning and priceless skill set.

When I settled back in Toronto, I came across a very unique opportunity with a company in sales and marketing.  In less than 1 year, I mastered the business, was out in the field building my own client portfolio and was asked to be the exclusive trainer for all new reps in all areas of their role. This included, generating leads, cold calling, presentations, business development, product knowledge and of course sales!  

It was a perfect role for me; it allowed me freedom to manage my own time and offered an uncapped commission model in a commission-only environment.   I know, scary right!?   This was definitely new but I loved what they were doing. 5 years later, before deciding to move on, my client portfolio was up to 500 companies varying from:  fortune 500 companies, property management, distribution centres, hospitals and even municipalities.

I came to Sales Talent Agency with a love of sales, people and a true understanding of what a great sales person is.  Being in a commission-only environment and being responsible for training all new reps, I learned quickly what to look for in a sales person, with a great work ethic, a drive to succeed and an entrepreneurial mindset.  This is essential for all sales people; that feeling of having a personal stake in whatever they are doing.

For the love of sales!