Sarah Gowdy

Customer Success Manager, Vancouver

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It all began at the age of sixteen when I got my first job in retail. I loved the task of discovering and fulfilling the needs of customers, and of course, telling them to come back and see me in the future. Over the next four years I worked hard to achieve my sales targets, and was proudly a member each year of the $100,000 Sales Club.

Soon after my departure from retail, I began working towards my Marketing Management Diploma at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. After completing my first year of University I felt restless and undecided. Having travelled to Malaysia and Singapore years prior, I had been bitten by the travel bug and decided I would travel to Australia and Thailand. After three months away from “everyday life” I came home with a new determination to finish my diploma - but literally had no money to my name. 

Looking for work, I applied for a Receptionist position within a car dealership. Upon meeting with the Sales Manager I was offered the position as their Sales Coordinator. It was a new position for the dealership and they weren’t entirely sure what they wanted me to do - but they wanted me to do the job! As I began to learn the ropes, I noticed a step missing in the sales process that was not consistently getting done: follow up. I then proceeded to create a follow up system which reminded and checked that the sales people were following up with their customers consistently after each sale. As a result, the sales people achieved significantly higher customer survey ratings than ever before.

During my time at the dealership, I discovered the hard work that sales people put in to make a sale, and many ways that I can assist to make it easier and more seamless for them. I eventually left to complete my education full time, and now with my Marketing Management Diploma in hand, I look towards the future with optimism and see nothing but opportunities ahead. Sales Talent Agency is a young company in need of their first ever operations expert. I look forward to being a big part of the company’s growth and helping candidates and clients alike!

For the love of sales!