Jamie Scarborough

Founding Partner, Vancouver & Toronto

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My first job was selling carpet and rugs on my uncle’s market stall in East London (England). I was 14 and it was always cold and wet out. I loved it.

From there, 6 years passed with me selling everything from steak-knives in London pubs (bad idea – don’t try it!) to beer and wine in bars all over the world (great idea – try it often!).

I found myself in Canada at 20 looking to make my fortune. The plan: start my own company; be rich by 22; retire to Barbados at 25. Instead, I got a job with a recruitment advertising agency as a Copywriter (selling companies as a place to work) and by 25 was a rising star Creative Director for the agency (great title, terrible wage).

Something had to change. It did.

My boss - the VP of Creative at the time - became the VP of Sales. She asked me if I wanted to join her on the sales team. I jumped at the chance to make commissions. I spent the next 2 years selling into the Vancouver market. I was friendly, fast-talking and had a big personality (everything I thought you needed to be great at sales). I had some big successes, and some miserable failures, but was well thought of by the company (I was Sales Person of the Year). But I was so frustrated! Why – when I used the same sales approach every time – did I win some deals and lose others? I knew there was a lot more I needed to learn, and I needed to learn it quick. So I packed up my life and joined a sister-company (Monster) in Toronto.

For the first time I was mixing with other sales people and leaders: seasoned vets from all over North America who were hungry and being well-fed. The next 5 years were a Doctorate in Sales (but with them paying me!). I learnt about cold-calling and presenting and negotiations. I learnt about process and discovery and consultation. I learnt why sales is more about empathy than about fast-talking (although fast-talking certainly helps sometimes). I was Sales Person of the Year – twice! More than that, I became a professional sales person.

By the time my 5 years with Monster were up, I was managing the entire Canadian field sales team. People 10-20 years older (with experience to match) came to me for sales advice. My team had grown its revenues by 400% in my tenure (highest growth in Monster globally!) and had emerged as the Canadian market leader. I had done everything I could do and was being fast tracked for senior management. But I felt I had learnt everything I could there and wanted to make a change.

I was recruited back to Vancouver as the VP of Sales for Hcareers.com – a global hospitality job board. Great company, great opportunity, GREAT location (big Vancouver fan!). They let me completely overhaul their sales operations and – 1 year in – I was ready for my next challenge.

Today I am one of the owners of Sales Talent Agency. A Canadian company that finds quality sales people excellent sales roles. I love being back in the sales seat. Consulting with employers on what sales people they need to be successful; meeting with the best sales professionals in Canada; creating win/wins.
At 20, I hoped to retire at 25. Now, in my mid-thirties, I hope I never have to retire.

For the love of sales!

Sonya Meloff

Founding Partner, toronto

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I always loved recruiting.

I’m not sure if it’s the challenge that I enjoy, or the feeling you get when you know you’ve made a real difference in a person’s life.

Having started in Calgary as a contract engineering recruiter, I’ll never forget the time I found a resume on the fax machine (yes, fax) of a Senior VP at an international oil & gas company. He had recently been laid off due to restructuring. The resume was 10 pages long, and you could tell he had not touched it in perhaps 20 years. Nobody at the office was interested in tackling his case, but I figured I had nothing to lose and gave the guy a call.

And what a call it ended up being.

Though he had a proven track record of success in his field, he didn’t have the first idea of where to start in his career hunt, he didn’t understand his value in the marketplace, and he was terrified at the thought of negotiating his own salary.

I was excited to help!

After working together for a few months, and with the help of others in the office, we found him that perfect role and, from what I hear, he’s still in that role nearly 10 years later.

Four years of recruiting led me to join an advertising agency where I sold recruitment advertising services to companies and employers. It was a side of the recruitment business that I loved and I learned so much from understanding the employer’s side of the recruiting process. Just when everything started to shift online, I was recruited by Monster to sell their online recruitment services – and I jumped at the opportunity!

Working at Monster is when I really began to thrive in sales. Quotas were tough and competition was fierce. We were taught to be disciplined in sales and studied and practiced all aspects of a professional and successful sales process. I loved working with companies and helping them solve their recruitment challenges by leveraging the power of the Web. Using my experience in recruitment, I launched the Canadian staffing agency division and worked closely with hundreds of recruiting firms in Canada.

Once Jamie left, I was named Sales Person of the Year.

But it wasn’t enough and I missed recruiting.

Today I am one of the owners of Sales Talent Agency. A Canadian company that finds quality sales people excellent sales roles. I am looking forward to meeting every professional sales person in Canada and helping to make a difference in their life. I am also looking forward to helping companies connect with quality sales people to ensure they meet their objectives.

Working with Sales feels so natural, and I love being back in the recruiting seat.

For the love of sales!


Kristin Condon

VP and partner, toronto

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My first sales job was at the age of 12.  A couple I had babysat for ran a promotions company and hired me to help them sell their products at Chin Picnic. Literally, at the age of 12, I had to sell people a pen! So cliché, but so much fun – and I was hooked.  I held multiple sales jobs throughout high school – sometimes even 2-3 at a time – often retail or restaurant oriented; but I was the only one out of my friends that took a job selling ‘unbreakable dishes’ on 100% commission in the middle of a mall for 11 hour shifts.  It was that job that showed me that I had what it took to make it in sales. To realize that there was no limit to what I could achieve or how I could be rewarded for my hard work and success-  just like that, I was sold. However, much like with any good sales rep, you need to know when to walk away. When I realized that the ‘unbreakable’ dishes were in fact breakable, I could no longer stand behind the product. Thems’ the breaks. (really!)

I have been in recruitment and sales my entire career and have been exposed to sales roles at all levels across several industries. Through it all, I still believe recruiters have one of the hardest sales jobs out there. We grind it out. Every. Single. Day.

After working in Corporate HR & Recruitment at Pizza Pizza and TD Bank, I found my home at Sales Talent Agency. Since joining STA in 2008 as its second employee, I have had the pleasure of watching - what was once a small budding niche recruitment firm, become a world-class leader in the industry. Today, I am Vice-President and oversee a team of hard working Account Directors, Account Managers, and Account Executives and working with many of the clients I brought on years ago. 

What I have learned as an individual contributor, as well as a leader, is that you must be passionate about what you do if you are going to be in sales. You need to love the hustle, take pride in your resilience, and be determined to push yourself every day to achieve your goals. If you do this, you will find that there is no limit to your opportunity, your ability, or your success when in sales.   There truly is no greater career and no greater reward. What is even more meaningful than that reward is being able to take pride in the product that we sell. I am proud to say we really are the experts in sales recruitment.

For the love of sales!

Sarah Gowdy

director of Operations, Vancouver

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It all began at the age of sixteen when I got my first job in retail. I loved the task of discovering and fulfilling the needs of customers, and of course, telling them to come back and see me in the future. Over the next four years I worked hard to achieve my sales targets, and was proudly a member each year of the $100,000 Sales Club.

Soon after my departure from retail, I began working towards my Marketing Management Diploma at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. After completing my first year of University I felt restless and undecided. Having travelled to Malaysia and Singapore years prior, I had been bitten by the travel bug and decided I would travel to Australia and Thailand. After three months away from “everyday life” I came home with a new determination to finish my diploma - but literally had no money to my name. 

Looking for work, I applied for a Receptionist position within a car dealership. Upon meeting with the Sales Manager I was offered the position as their Sales Coordinator. It was a new position for the dealership and they weren’t entirely sure what they wanted me to do - but they wanted me to do the job! As I began to learn the ropes, I noticed a step missing in the sales process that was not consistently getting done: follow up. I then proceeded to create a follow up system which reminded and checked that the sales people were following up with their customers consistently after each sale. As a result, the sales people achieved significantly higher customer survey ratings than ever before.

During my time at the dealership, I discovered the hard work that sales people put in to make a sale, and many ways that I can assist to make it easier and more seamless for them. I eventually left to complete my education full time, and now with my Marketing Management Diploma in hand, I look towards the future with optimism and see nothing but opportunities ahead. Sales Talent Agency is a young company in need of their first ever operations expert. I look forward to being a big part of the company’s growth and helping candidates and clients alike!

For the love of sales!

Sheila Cassidy

director of Special Projects, toronto

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I was born in Vancouver, and since then have lived in Burlington, Montreal, Lethbridge and Toronto (just to name a few). When I was 14, I decided that I wanted to attend the University of Western Ontario, so I inherited an apron and a visor and worked at McDonald’s for over 3 years to make that goal possible. When I received the offer from Western University, I feverishly accepted the opportunity. 

Throughout my four years of study at Western, I worked for Residence Life, assisted in the Career Centre as a Career Leader, worked as a Server downtown and travelled to Rwanda, Africa on an internship. By the end of my four years, I graduated with an Honours Specialization in Sociology but I was not quite yet ready to leave Western’s beautiful campus. I learned about an exciting role as an Admissions/Recruitment Officer where I could work with students from both a high school and university level – I was sold. Working with students has always been a passion of mine, and I knew that this role would be a fit and luckily Western University agreed. While I worked full-time, I also completed a Certificate in Human Resources Management at Fanshawe College. 

After two years working at Western, I set my eyes on new challenges. I was referred to Sales Talent Agency by a friend and immediately fell in love with the office’s energy. Sales Talent Agency consists of hard-working and passionate people that challenge me in all the right ways. I began my career at Sales Talent Agency as an Account Manager on Jamie Hoobanoff’s team. In this role, I learned how to make a cold-call, how to interview candidates, how to build strong relationships with clients, how to pitch, how to close, how to sell.

After a year and a half of being in the role, Jamie Scarborough and Sonya Meloff, co-owners at Sales Talent Agency, identified that there was a need for someone to lead the charge with the development and execution of the Great Canadian Sales Competition. I couldn’t ask for a more suited position for my background and interests.  I am proud to work with a company that is dedicated to their goals and passionate about their values. Furthermore, I am extremely excited to work on projects of all sizes that contribute to the presence, reputation and growth of Sales Talent Agency and the Great Canadian Sales Competition. 

For the love of sales!

Chris Gillard

Account director, Vancouver

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I realized from a young age that sales was not only something I was passionate about, it was something that came naturally to me. Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, I began my career in sales at the age of 19 when I took on the role of account manager for a local advertising agency. It was during this time that I realized just how much I enjoyed working in a fast-paced, competitive sales environment. 

In 2004, I made the decision to make Vancouver my home. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I naturally transitioned into the family restaurant business when first arriving on the West coast. With eight locations spread out across the Lower Mainland, I was responsible for overseeing all areas of the business, including corporate sales, operations and even the onboarding and training of new employees. Similar to agency recruitment, this role ensured that no two days were ever the same- honing my ability to be adaptable and this is something that has proved instrumental throughout my career. 

Before moving to Sales Talent Agency, I spent nine years working in professional staffing for one of the largest specialized staffing agencies in the world. During my professional sales career, I’ve held a number of leadership roles and obtained much satisfaction having matched top quality talent with world-class reputable employers. 

In 2008, I interviewed a candidate who had recently relocated to Vancouver with his family from the Philippines. He came with no Canadian experience, but was more than qualified for an entry level accounting position having obtained his professional accounting designation in the Phililppines. I will never forget the day that I ran into him while he was working as a parking lot attendant, shortly after our initial interview. We made a personal connection and I realized that I needed to get this man a job. The following day, I picked up the phone and dialled one of my top clients and encouraged the CFO to meet with my candidate. I ended up placing him in a junior data entry role later that week and today he is the Assistant Controller for that very same organization. 

This truly is an example of a “Win-Win-Win” scenario, as my candidate was given an opportunity to kick start his career in Canada, my client gained a valuable employee, and I was able to impact my client’s business and candidate’s professional career in a positive way.
One of the most valuable things I’ve learned during my career is that clients will work with professionals that they can trust as a partner. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a few mentors throughout my career, with one giving me some valuable advice: “Be yourself”. While this might sound simple, it’s critical to remain genuine and true to your beliefs and ensure that your clients and candidates can relate to you on a personal level.

Today, I am a Director with Sales Talent Agency – a Canadian firm focused on matching quality sales professionals with top employers.

For the love of sales!

Asad Zaman

managing Director of Executive search, toronto 

t.  416-304-9823 ext. 2014
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My second day of working in a sales job was one that I will probably never forget because it was the day when I truly fell in love with sales. I was selling lawn aeration door to door and on my second day I set a new company-wide record and pocketed what I would normally make in 2 weeks. I loved connecting with people and selling to them, I loved competing with others and I loved the fact that the harder I worked the better the reward was - that’s when I realized that I had found what I really loved doing. 

Since then I have been rather entrepreneurial, having opened 3 companies before joining Sales Talent Agency. As an entrepreneur I have always been accustomed to wearing many different hats but through all 3 ventures I have been the head of sales and marketing. These ventures also gave me exposure to hiring, training and managing workforces of up to 15 people at a time. I learned that hiring the right person can be the difference between a company being good or great, and also how expensive one wrong hire can be. This is the truest when it comes to sales.

It was time for me to look for a new and exciting challenge to take on and that is when I found Sales Talent Agency and met with Jamie and Sonya. The value proposition thrilled me because helping companies hire sales talent was something my experiences had prepared me well for. I greatly respect the fact that the right sales team can catapult a company to the next level which is why I am excited to help companies find the best employees and help individuals find jobs where they can truly excel.

For the love of sales!

Daniela Dos Santos

Account Director, toronto

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 While attending Glendon, York University’s bilingual campus, I studied French and History. Alongside my education, I also worked part-time as a Nutrition Aide at Toronto General Hospital. In this role, I leveraged my people skills in a new way: I found that I love people - talking to them, listening to what they have to say, how they think, and in the midst of all of that, seeing how I can help them. Upon graduating, I decided to attend George Brown College in pursuit of my post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management. I was confident that exposure into Human Resources would lead me to a career that involved working with people and also tap into my already developed skills. I completed a 4 month internship with Sales Talent Agency and learned about sales, interviewing, recruitment and the business world; the transition from being in a class room to a lively office environment was a welcome change!

I was elated when I was extended the opportunity to work full-time as an Account Manager. One year later I was promoted to a Senior Account Manager, and was tasked with training new team members.  I learned a lot in my role as a Senior Account Manager, and this really motivated me to become a leader with Sales Talent Agency.

In the summer of 2016 I was promoted to an Account Director, and I currently manage an amazing energetic and successful team of 5 Account Managers. At Sales Talent Agency, I work with talented, energetic, passionate people that are equally as dedicated to their business partners as I am. 

For the love of sales!

Julie Leal

account director, toronto

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I remember searching through a career guide book while still in High School and human resources really appealed to me! I would get to help businesses create and maintain a prosperous environment through their most valuable resource: people. So I decided to take HR in school and quickly realized that recruiting would be the path to take.

Working as an HR Assistant in the sports and entertainment industry, I got my first taste of recruiting. I was so nervous during my first interview that the candidate had to pull me through it! I felt such a buzz after filling my first role, and in having the chance to watch the candidate succeed and eventually be promoted to management – I felt like I had found the right candidate for the job. He was very grateful and thanked me for believing in him. 

As time passed I got the travel bug, and decided to follow my dream to travel the world. My journey took me from Europe to Australia – it was an amazing experience.

After my exciting life abroad, I came back to Toronto ready to pursue my recruiting career. I landed myself a 3-month temporary role in the financial industry, and ended up staying there for over 2 years…I guess they liked me! Having the opportunity to work closely with Management, I was able to understand the priority of filling vacant roles for a company – as it directly impacts their bottom line. I was then able to see the type of impact I have on an organization by putting the right person in the right place.

Moving forward in my career, I found myself recruiting in the media/advertising world. I was instrumental in expanding the sales force in Ontario and Manitoba, by combining my passion and previous sales recruitment experience. This allowed me to provide immediate results - I was a natural fit. My previous Manager Kristin Condon, who made the transition over to Sales Talent Agency, had put the little bird in my ear, to make my own transition over to the agency world. She knew just how much enthusiasm and passion I have for recruitment. I’m excited to be part of an integral organization like Sales Talent Agency.

For the love of sales!

Peymaneh Chychi

Account Director, Vancouver

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I will never forget the day I decided I was going to become a corporate lawyer. From a young age it was all I ever talked about and a goal that I would absolutely achieve – right?! Fast forward 10 years to when I landed my first sales role with Rogers – I still remember the thrill I would get from working with customers! While in post-secondary, I worked full-time managing two of Canada’s top men’s formal wear stores, as well as Canada’s largest bridal store. Quotas were high and I loved the pressure and satisfaction of beating them! And so, before the time came for me to decide between a career in law or sales – one had already chosen me!

My professional sales career began with Sales Talent Agency in 2011, when Jamie Scarborough hired me for a three month apprenticeship. Later, I joined a global software company that was looking to enter the Vancouver market for a second time. This was my first exposure into SaaS and the world of technology – I was making upwards of ninety cold calls a day, booking twelve demos and constantly on the go! In 2012, HQ announced that they would be closing their operations in Western Canada and redirecting their efforts to Eastern Canada. Having worked right next door to STA, I knew their team would help me find amazing opportunities - little did I know that it would be with them! When I was approached by Jamie with the idea of rejoining Sales Talent Agency, I knew that it was the right move for me!   

I love working for a company that shares my values, creativity and the desire to offer more than just a service. We pride ourselves on being the best in our industry, subject-matter experts, who intend on shaping the future of recruitment – and that is something I’m passionate about.        

I guess you could say that while law was my first love, sales became my soul mate, and now I’m married to recruitment!

I look forward to helping you with your next hire!

For the love of sales!

Dean Mitchell

account director, vancouver

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During my career the common theme has always been doing something that I’m passionate about and enjoy: from books to property to people. In sales you need to be engaged and passionate about what you are selling/promoting, I really don’t buy into the ‘I can sell anything to anyone’ mindset, at least in the long-term.

I’ve always had exposure to sales in some form. In my childhood, my dad was very entrepreneurial and built his own car sales business. From him I learned the need for drive, commitment and focus, essential traits to be effective and successful in any sales role.

Upon graduating from university, I combined my love of books and people to progress in the world of book publishing, specifically in the Sales & Marketing function at an academic publisher, managing five freelance sales representatives, key account sales and all marketing activities. This gave me my first career experience of Sales Management, Inside Sales, Business Development, Account Management, Key Accounts and a broad spectrum of Marketing skills. Within two years we had doubled sales revenue through promotions, focusing on promoting more commercial authors & books and innovative marketing on a slim budget. The natural progression was into main stream publishing with a larger company. At Orion Publishing Group, I was one of their eleven Territory Managers representing such authors as Terry Pratchett, Michael Palin, Ian Rankin and Maeve Binchy. Promoting people, very much like recruitment later on in my career path. Within approximately a year, I had nearly doubled the sales revenue of my area and also reduced dead-stock and returns, another key statistic in book publishing. 

When I returned to Canada, I obviously needed a job and I’d had some exposure to recruitment agencies as a hiring manager and also as a candidate. I could see the value in the agency service from both sides, so I secured a position with a leading global recruitment agency here in Vancouver. I recruited in the Sales & Marketing function and was one of the first recruitment consultants focused on that functional area for that company. It really was a fantastic experience telling candidates they had a new job and telling client companies that I had secured a great new employee for them. 

Jamie and Sales Talent Agency then head-hunted me to continue their track record of success in the Vancouver office. I felt a real synergy with Jamie and his team, on a professional and personal level. Best of all, it is continuing doing something that I love; consulting with companies on finding recruitment solutions and mentoring great candidates on progressing their careers.

For the love of sales!

Armin Tankovic

account director, toronto 

t.  416-304-9823 ext. 2028
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While attending Ryerson University, I had the privilege of being a student-athlete. I got my degree in Politics and Governance, played on the varsity men’s soccer team and worked as a sales consultant at Rogers Communications. My schedule was packed, I was doing a lot, however, I wasn’t thrilled with some of my results on the pitch and in the classroom. Mid way through I learned an important lesson from my coach and some of the top performers on my team; there’s always more to give so no matter what you do, make sure you leave it better than you found it. I was a little stubborn and it took some time until I began intentionally applying this attitude to things like athletics, academics, and business but eventually, it all came together.

Utilizing this philosophy while working at Rogers made me fall in love with sales. I thoroughly enjoyed working with clients to solve their business related issues, approached all targets with enthusiasm, and relished in the opportunity to work with results oriented individuals.

Upon graduating, I knew starting a career in B2B sales was my next step and I eventually got my first chance at a digital media start up. While the role was attractive and offered a lot of autonomy, I realized it wasn’t for me. I needed more structure and training, so I got in touch with Sales Talent Agency in hopes of finding that perfect entry level role. I was pleasantly surprised when my recruiter offered me an opportunity to interview for an Account Manager role internally. The interview process was challenging and thoughtful, resulting in an incredible candidate experience. STA’s values were clearly communicated by Jamie and Sonya, and they aligned well with mine – at that point, I knew I wanted to join their team.

Today I am an Account Director with Sales Talent Agency and I have the pleasure of leading an incredible team. We work with startups, mid sized, and globally established organizations across multiple industries.Together, we help our clients meet their objectives by providing recruitment solutions that increase their market share and revenue.

For the love of sales!

Jenna Houssian

account Director, toronto

t.  416-304-9823 ext. 2037
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My love for sales started at the young age of 10 when I would get to go to work with my Dad every summer. My father has been an Entrepreneur, spending many years owning his own businesses all in sales-focused industries. Seeing first hand what retail, sales and business development was all about, kickstarted what would soon be my career.

While working for one of Canada’s largest fashion retailers and obtaining my Finance degree at Western University, I discovered that my true passion was to follow in my father’s footsteps and pursue a career in sales- this was more than just a part-time job for me. I loved building strong relationships with all of my customers, fulfilling their needs and looking forward to seeing them the next time they came in. I knew that I wanted to amalgamate my educational background with my passion for people and sales. Joining Sales Talent Agency was the perfect fit. 

Sales Talent Agency highlights and allows me to apply my practical skills I have obtained through my extensive sales background as well as applying my education to my day-to-day work. I am so thrilled to be a part of the Sales Talent Agency team!

For the love of sales!

Truzanne Claasen

account Director, Vancouver

t.  604-319-8680
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Born and raised in South Africa and immigrating to Canada at age 11 has taught me from a very young age the meaning of adaptation. Landing in Saskatchewan at a bone chilling -30 degrees, knowing only a few basic phrases in English and never seeing snow in my life, would definitely classify as a bit of a curve ball. But who said that opportunity ever came without challenges? 

Consequently, these challenges and victories are exactly what drive my thirst for accomplishment in both my personal and professional life. 

After graduating with my Bachelor of Commerce degree my competitive nature and desire to work in a fast pace environment pointed me directly to a sales career. However, it wasn’t until after I discovered recruitment, that I really found my knack. Recruitment had merged two of my passions: sales and people. 

Outside of work, you can find me exploring Vancouver’s amazing backyard; snowboarding, running the seawall, and trying new restaurants with friends and family.

For the love of sales!

Xander Ashton

KEY account manager, toronto 

t.  416-304-9823 ext 2023
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From a young age, I had a passion to sell. From trading video games to selling old sports equipment, I was motivated and ambitious. 

Coming out of high school without a clear, defined career path I obtained my first sales job at The Brick with 100% commission. I assumed the role would be fairly easy, however, after tanking the first week I began to think otherwise. The following week I was determined to prove to everyone I was great in sales. So, I did everything I could to become a phenomenal sales person, from shadowing co-workers to watching videos. The following times to come I quickly began blowing my targets out of the water, and rose to consistently being one of the top performers. I even sold the most high-ticketed item in the store, which no one had ever sold before. The feeling of achievement and closing sales was unbelievable, complete satisfaction. I then realized this was something I loved. 

I decided I wanted to pursue sales as a career and I attended Brock University in Ontario to obtain a degree in Business Communications. The program allowed me to develop a high level of competence in communication, while combining aspects in business of marketing, public relations, management and working with a diverse range of people. 

While pursing my degree, I became involved in my family business of custom upholstery and blinds. I began as a media coordinator from updating the website to managing social media. By updating the website and ensuring it was ranked number one on Google, I drastically increased the account base. I then went on to become a sales representative for the business where I developed exceptional skills in customer service, lead generation and sales proposals. 

Overall my experiences have led me to ensure I meet and exceed expectations and standards, while being a dedicated and hard worker. I love people and I love sales, which has driven me to this role at Sales Talent Agency. I am extremely thrilled to be part of such an amazing and enthusiastic team. This role provides me with an opportunity to help individuals attain rewarding and successful careers, while helping organizations seek top talent in the country to enhance their workforce. 

For the love of sales!

Kelsey Schmautz

senior account manager, Vancouver

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I am an adventure seeker! I scaled my bachelors in marketing and travelled to over 15 countries. When I am home you will often find me out in the mountains, snowboarding or hiking. My next adventure... joining the team at STA. 

For the love of sales!

Kim Kozak

senior account manager, Vancouver 

t.  416-304-9823 ext. 2049
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For me, sales is about building relationships.

My first sales position was at the age of 15, working in one of Canada’s largest sports retail stores, which sold pro sports team apparel. Growing up I had played and watched baseball and had followed a little bit of hockey, but I had very little knowledge in any other professional sports. Having to name 5 teams from the NFL in the interview had me break a small sweat... I was surely in for a rude awakening when I had to clearly identify those and about forty other teams on the sales floor! It was an early understanding for me that being prepared to become an expert was an important key to building a strong relationship.  I learned the names of every professional sports team in North America.

Upon completing my Diploma in Communication Arts, Public Relations and Advertising, I joined a small recruitment firm that specialized in the Industrial/Oil & Gas sector. Having no experience in Recruitment, this decision was solely based on my passion for building relationships with people. Helping someone land a great job intrigued me. Helping a company make a great hire, appealed too. My instinct was correct: when it is done well, placing a candidate with a company is one of the greatest and most rewarding feelings ever.

After gaining about a year of full-cycle recruitment experience, I went on to join one of the world’s largest most reputable specialized financial recruitment agencies. This ended up being one of the greatest learning experiences for me. I quickly learned I loved turning a cold call into a business meeting, to a sales presentation, and into closing a deal. I loved being a part of a big 30-person team, and I thrived on the company’s high sense of urgency and quality.

Today I have spent 9 years in recruitment, and am excited to be working as a Senior Account Manager with Canada’s largest sales recruitment agency. I look forward to finding great sales professionals for top employers, and I look forward to continuing to develop my own sales career.

For the love of sales!



Arianna Mills

Senior Account manager, toronto 

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For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed a good challenge. I may not have known what I wanted to do growing up, but I knew how to keep an eye open for good opportunities. Without an exact “title” of what I hoped to become one day, I studied Business at Brock University, as I loved every aspect of business and knew it would provide clarity on where to build my career. In the end, it ended up being my experiences that guided me to where I am today. 

My first summer job was for a local solar energy company. The position was an experimental sales role for the company, cold calling residents out of a phone book and setting up consultations. I will never forget my days of going to work with a telephone book and a sharpie, crossing leads off one by one. The most valuable lesson that summer was that I could sell an industry that I literally had no experience in… and I loved that feeling! When I returned to school the next fall, I began working for the Office of Alumni Relations, which was responsible for Brock’s fundraising initiatives. It wasn’t long before I was meeting and exceeding the daily targets and became a team leader at the office. 

This led me to a full-time role as the Sales Team Lead at an office in Oakville where I became the top seller my first year there. I was responsible for managing the sales staff and reporting results directly to my manager and the President. As a recent graduate, I was given a variety of creative tasks including handling social media pages and assisting the Director of Marketing.

No matter what you are selling, I find the people you are working with are just as motivating as the sale itself. One of the best parts of working in sales is the rewarding feeling when somebody is happy with what you have supplied. It really is the people which led me to my desire to join the recruiting field! I myself was recruited by Sales Talent Agency for a separate position, but was thrilled when a position at the Agency was offered! By interacting with others at STA it was clear that it was an environment I would be lucky to be a part of and could not be more excited that this is where my career path has led me! I am eager to begin learning more about individual sales professionals across Canada and the various organizations driven by internal sales stars.

For the love of sales!

Katrina McGuire

Senior Account Manager, Vancouver

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I grew up in a small community in Thunder Bay Ontario (known more for its snow than its career opportunities). Although my hometown is still dear to my heart, I realized then I needed to go out on my own if I wanted to follow my dreams. The moment I finished secondary school I hopped on a Greyhound, and two and a half days later landed in beautiful British Columbia. It certainly wasn’t hard to fall in love with Vancouver and the big city life, and soon after landing here I was ready for my next chapter.

I can’t honestly say that I was sure where I wanted to start my career, but I’ve always had a love for people and building relationships. This led me to the BBA Marketing Management program at Langara College. Throughout my time at Langara I was fortunate enough to find an outlet for my competitive nature in business competitions. These competitions allowed me the opportunity to not only build a large network but also thrive on the challenge of consistently learning about new industries and selling my ideas.

During my last year I completed an internship in the new Career Centre at Langara, where I was excited to be in an environment buzzing with eager students looking to start their careers. It was so satisfying to see the results of placing fresh, talented students into new and exciting roles! Identifying a lack of resources to serve students, I developed a Career Leader program where senior students were able to assist others in their career journey.

My first introduction to Sales Talent Agency was through the Great Canadian Sales Competition. Understanding the amazing opportunity this competition provided to students, I became an ambassador on campus. Over my four years of study I often recruited students on campus for various events, and flourished at the opportunity to do so for this sales competition.

Although I didn't originally consider myself a “sales person” by my last year of school I began to understand that I was actually constantly selling in some form or another in everything I did, and I loved it! I am very excited to be a part of the Sales Talent Agency team and work alongside such a group of talented professionals! 

For the love of sales!

Jill Dennis

Account Manager, Toronto

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I am someone who is competitive, energetic and always up for an adventure. All my life I have been a sports enthusiast and decided to channel my passion in playing field hockey at a provincial level. This competitive nature has caused me to excel in my sports initiatives and resulted in being selected for a coaching position.  I graduated from Queen’s University in 2015 while participating in numerous clubs and volunteer initiatives.  

Through all of my amazing experiences, my favourite experience during my time at school was when I took part in an exchange semester where I moved to Tilburg, a small town in The Netherlands. I embraced this journey as much as I could by living with 16 other people from all around the world, traveling and going on every adventure that I could find. Moving to a place where I knew no one and was completely out of my comfort zone gave me the opportunity to find myself and discover what I wanted to do with my Commerce degree and the rest of my life. I discovered that I have a love for people, and discovering their strengths which has led me to my natural next step – sales recruitment.

Once I graduated I was lucky enough to be recruited by Sales Talent Agency for a separate position but was offered the position of an Account Manager. I knew it would be a perfect fit as I am able to mix my love for sales and people with this amazing opportunity!

For the love of sales!

Meredith Martin

Senior Account manager, Toronto

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My passion for sales began in retail. After attending George Brown's Fashion Industry Management Program, I set my sights on working my way up at a high end women's shoe retailer. Initially, as a Sales Associate, I threw myself into delivering the highest level of customer service possible and developing meaningful and long lasting client relationships. These efforts culminated in my being given the responsibility of opening and managing a new store location, which included staffing and leading my own sales team. This was where I had my first taste of recruiting. I was able to screen, select, and develop passionate people who also wanted to succeed. I am pleased to say that many of the individuals I hired continue to work there successfully, long after my departure.

I subsequently moved into a business development position with a conference and event planning company where my goal was acquiring new sponsoring partners through lead research and cold-calling. This was my first experience in a business to business sales environment and found that I loved the pace, the research, and most of all, the challenge of connecting people with great opportunities. As the role was inside sales, I did however miss interacting with people on a more personal basis.

When I first reached out to the Sales Talent Agency to explore the prospects of advancing my career, I was astounded by the extensive range of sales roles in so many unique and interesting industries. While also networking with personal contacts, a number of them suggested I consider recruitment – a profession that connects talented people with great opportunities involving lots of personal interaction. When Jamie Hoobanoff reached out to meet with me, I jumped at the opportunity and was in the STA office first thing the very next morning.

I am excited to be a part of the STA team. I very much look forward to working with passionate sales professionals helping them find rewarding positions where they can pursue their goals while also helping companies achieve their recruitment objectives.

For the love of sales!


Bana Zananiri

Executive Search CONSULTANT, Toronto

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I set-up a meeting with Kristin to explore potential career opportunities through Sales Talent Agency. However, as soon as I walked into the office, the high-performance, progressive, professional and thrilling environment enticed me to find out more. I was in the right place at the right time.

The meeting led to my first role as an Account Manager with Sales Talent Agency, and subsequently my promotion to Senior Account Manager less than a year later. We were lucky to recruit top quality sales talent for clients in all industries, in Canada and the US. The team was 180% to target my first quarter and we continued to excel over the next two years. It was natural to progress to my next challenge, and today I am an Executive Search Specialist.

I particularly enjoyed consulting with my clients over complex assignments, and working out a strategy for each role. My prior experience in the corporate world with consulting and investment firms abroad helped me understand my clients’ businesses thoroughly.

Personally, at the moment, I am interested in global affairs, decorating my condo (a seemingly never ending project), and traveling with family and friends.  

For the love of sales!

Danya Steel

Account Executive, toronto

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The most important thing for me is being able to help people. Throughout my life, every job I’ve held has been people focused. I’ve worked in several sectors – restaurant, retail, health care and government – and each provided a unique opportunity to put people first, which was so important to me.

During a summer in University I worked at Service Canada. This experience introduced me to the feeling you get when you help someone with their career goals. My role was to help people with their cover letters, resumes, and interview skills. And it was always so rewarding when someone would get the job! 

When I graduated with my degree in Political Science, I set out to get a job helping people. My degree and drive helped me get my first job in politics soon after I graduated. While working for a local politician, I found immense pleasure in helping people in a variety of ways, including getting the drug coverage they need, helping autistic children get into the necessary government funded programs, and helping local community organizations receive grant funding. And that was just the tip of the iceberg!

Now being at Sales Talent Agency, I get to continue fulfilling my passion by helping companies find the staff they need to succeed and helping people find a job that’s right for them. 

For the love of sales!


Amanda Rootenberg

Account Executive, toronto

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I have an amazing family that taught me independence at a young age. I grew up in a small town in Iowa, but my roots didn’t quite get engrained in the soil. There was so much in the world to explore.

I was working as an Assistant Floral Manager while attending college. As much as design was a big portion of the job, sales was even more important. I found myself dealing with clients’ everyday and trying to sell as many flowers as possible. My dream was to eventually have my own flower shop. 

One afternoon I was reading Flowers Inc. magazine and it featured an article about superstar New York Florist, Michael George. I was instantly mesmerized by his work. Later that week fate stepped in and low and behold, Michael George was on The Martha Stewart show. I saw this as a “sign” and knew I had to do something. I immediately picked up the phone and called him. I convinced his Assistant to put him on the phone and told him, “I think your work is stunningly beautiful and I want to come work for you.” Long story short my cold call worked and I found myself in New York City working for superstar Florist, Michael George. 

After spending some time designing for Michael George, I had the opportunity to manage my own store for 1-800-Flowers.Com. I was the youngest retail manager and for my first holiday season, had the second highest sales growth in America. I had my New York moment when I was invited to ring the NASDAQ opening bell with a select team from 1-800-Flowers.Com.

As much as the floral world excited me, the banking/investment/hedgefund world of NYC seemed challenging and financially rewarding. I took the advice of a friend and reached out to a recruiter to inquire what it takes to be an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. Little did I know that this would carve out my career for the next 10 years in which I was an Executive Assistant for 3 different CEO’s. I found this role to be very rewarding for several reasons. It’s a role that you have to learn very quickly. You have to be very perceptive of the demands of the job and if you do this well, you find yourself in the inner circle and in the “know” of what is going on in a company. One aspect of the job was recruiting employees and determining if they would make a great fit for our company’s culture. I found this to be very exciting and something I became very passionate about. I was working at a Hedgefund that literally grew from 45 employees to almost 300 in less than 3 years. I was conducting weekly orientations of 10+ new employees each week. It was rewarding to see a candidate come full circle and know that I helped contribute to their success.

Life takes us in interesting directions. After spending about 7 years in the Big Apple, I met a nice Canuck while living in New York. When our relationship started to become serious we had the big talk about moving to Canada. Since I didn’t have any deep roots in New York, I was up for the adventure. 

When arriving in Canada I worked for a Boutique Executive Recruitment firm and realized I wanted to be in an Entrepreneurial role. I met with several executives in many different sectors, but I really felt a connection when it came to Sales Talent Agency. I love helping and encouraging people, talking to people and figuring out what makes them tick. I’ve laid down my roots in Canada and am always excited about what the future holds. 

For the love of sales!

Chaminda Wijesundera


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Here’s a brief personal snapshot - As for anyone who lives and breathes a Sales career, there’s been some big highs and plentiful frustrations (thankfully someone had the common sense to invent beer)…

I spent my childhood growing up in small town England, then as a mid-teen I came to Ontario, Canada, where I polished off a BA in Fine Arts Cultural Studies at York University and afterwards a BBA in Business Entrepreneurship at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver. After many years of travelling I came to Vancouver in 2006 and am proud to call it home. I love the quality of the powder I ride my board on in the Winter, the coarse granite I rock climb in the Summer and the thick, rolling waves I surf close by during the Fall.

I got my first Sales position at a start-up marketing agency that paid me nickels and worked me to the bone – which I was more than happy to do since it gave me the first “Account Manager” title on my resume. Soon after I found myself as an independent Sales agent for various digital brands in the web development and online marketing world. I loved running my own business, selling multiple lines of marketing services to SMEs and having full career independence. This era came to an end as I realized that I still had much to learn about the business world and opportunities in the recruitment sector caught my eye.

I then signed up at an awesome Australian recruitment marketing firm. We pounded the phones and fostered relationships with large national enterprises for their recruitment marketing projects. I really enjoyed discussing recruitment attraction issues, strategy and consulting to the HR vertical. I developed a solid knowledge of the recruitment industry in this role and a strong Western Canada client roster as well. After some years there I chose to learn the ropes of recruitment at a fantastic mid-sized Vancouver organization, where I specialized in Industrial Sales recruitment for the BC region. The company I joined taught me everything in terms of making high level Sales placements for top tier employers. I grew to absolutely love the role – my candidates were heavy Sales hitters in the BC region and my clients were leading Sales Managers & VPs. I was successful at growing top revenue earning Sales teams in Vancouver and wanted to expand my career horizons.

Jamie and I had been in touch for at least 3 years by this stage and grown to become friends. Upon a chat about business we discussed a partnership with Sales Talent Agency. With the largest and most prolific roster of Sales professionals in Canada, Sales Talent Agency really spoke to me in terms of how I want to service my Industrial client base and grow market penetrating Sales teams. Marrying this top tier roster with my national client relations and 5 years of personal recruitment experience, I’m proud to say the fit is perfect. Jamie and I shook hands and here I am…

For the love of sales!

Rita Pelosi

Account executive,Toronto

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I realized my love for sales in my social years when I found myself bringing people together, selling event/party tickets, organizing groups, organizing travel, collecting money, etc. My friends always said, “you can get anyone onboard to do anything.”

My love of travel was already wild.  After college I had plans to explore Thailand for 3 months but I needed a full-time job to save money.  A recruiter placed me with ClearNet/TELUS and I fell in love with my trainer; I wanted to do what she did.  She helped me career path, I went back to school and got my certification and within 1 year, I was working with my mentor in the Training department supporting all of Client Operations nationally.

After 9 wonderful years, I took my skills and love of travel and went to work at sea on cruise ships; training, developing training and working inter-departmentally to create effective training solutions.  Actually, I found myself back in sales mode; a large and very important part of what I did was sell the value of training to the department heads. Creating value around why they should take their staff away from productive work time to attend my sessions was a serious task.  I worked with up to 78 different nationalities onboard, people of diverse cultures, people of higher ranks, with totally different perspectives on life and varying life experiences.  This was an incredible learning and priceless skill set.

When I settled back in Toronto, I came across a very unique opportunity with a company in sales and marketing.  In less than 1 year, I mastered the business, was out in the field building my own client portfolio and was asked to be the exclusive trainer for all new reps in all areas of their role. This included, generating leads, cold calling, presentations, business development, product knowledge and of course sales!  

It was a perfect role for me; it allowed me freedom to manage my own time and offered an uncapped commission model in a commission-only environment.   I know, scary right!?   This was definitely new but I loved what they were doing. 5 years later, before deciding to move on, my client portfolio was up to 500 companies varying from:  fortune 500 companies, property management, distribution centres, hospitals and even municipalities.

I came to Sales Talent Agency with a love of sales, people and a true understanding of what a great sales person is.  Being in a commission-only environment and being responsible for training all new reps, I learned quickly what to look for in a sales person, with a great work ethic, a drive to succeed and an entrepreneurial mindset.  This is essential for all sales people; that feeling of having a personal stake in whatever they are doing.

For the love of sales!



Kristi Farrow

account executive, vancouver

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My passion for sales and recruitment began while I was in University earning my degree in criminology. I spent my summers travelling across Canada selling direct to consumer sales on a commission only opportunity; it didn’t take long to realize that my career would forever be in sales. Working for commission I quickly learned what it meant being paid what you’re worth. During the 5 years with this company I was able to develop a strong understanding of sales, leadership, training and management.

While I was completing University I obtained my Real Estate Licence in Ontario.  I learned a lot about running my own business including finding, managing and servicing clients.  I was entering my third year as a real estate agent when I received a phone call from a good friend and colleague who recruited me to resign from my career and move from Ontario to British Columbia to join one of the leading sales teams in the telecom and construction industry.

I was brought in to do direct sales and lead new sales reps along the way. A few highlights of my career include managing teams of up to 40 sales representatives and exceeding targets in specific communities exceeding well over 50% of our sellable market.  After a year and a half in this role, we realized as a team we needed to grow in size to be able to hit all the sales targets for our client. At this point I had brought in 10 friends from my network and people that I met along the way so it made sense for me to take on the task to grow the business.

I was then transferred into the head office where I was in charge of recruitment. I worked with our sales teams, human resources, and other marketing sources to build a recruitment team within our sales organization. After 15 months as the head of recruiting, I was able to build the recruitment business into a highly efficient team that was able to hire over 280 sales representatives for our client.

Through these roles, I realized that not only am I passionate about sales but I also love connecting sales people with career opportunities. The most rewarding part is seeing new hires grow, develop and succeed and for businesses to achieve their targets with the talent we were able to find.

For the love of sales!


Kelsey Robinson

Executive search consultant, Toronto

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Even though I didn’t always know I wanted to be in sales, my parents sure did… when I got my first sales job at S-Trip! (Canada’s #1 Student Travel Company) my mom told me a story of how she always knew I would succeed in sales. When I was 4 years old, I collected fallen, rotting apples from the apple tree in my backyard and put them in my wagon to sell them door-to-door to our neighbours. My mom only found out when one of the neighbours called her. Apparently I actually made a few bucks – no one could say no to 4 year old me!

I’ve always had a passion for sales, but more specifically a passion for influencing and connecting with people. While studying at Queen’s University in Kingston, I worked as a server/bartender in which interacting with people was my day-to-day. In my last year at Queen’s, I was promoted to a Manager and got my first introduction into the business world. At the same time, I was also the S-Trip! Campus Manager for promoting the Class of 2013 Grad Trip down to Punta Cana. There were 520 people who signed up on the trip, and achieving this record-breaking result secured me my first full-time job at S-Trip! in Toronto.

Now as an Executive Search Consultant at Sales Talent Agency, I get to work with start-ups, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies to help them better find, attract, and choose exceptional sales leadership talent. I also have a very strong passion for technology and am lucky to be working with some of Canada's top emerging tech companies.

On a more personal level, I love to travel, consider myself a quintessential "foodie", am a netflix-addict, and love a great game of beach volleyball.

For the love of sales!

Ali Alizadeh

Technical Sales Consultant, Toronto

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You don't really wake up in the middle of the night and say to yourself, "I want to be a recruiter". You fall into it! My experience was, however, what I believe now to be completely serendipitous!

When I was younger, I wanted to help people and I wanted to be notorious. But only a certain few are privileged for that kind of fate – I just never really thought I would get both by being a recruiter (To be fair, I am still working on placing my first soon-to-be-famous candidate… Maybe the next Meg Whitman)

My first job was delivering newspapers followed by being a delivery boy for Boston Pizza! Those jobs really did teach me a valuable lesson - that people will always appreciate good service.  I used to get $1 tips from the old folks on my street – Unlike everyone else, I always walked to the door to hand deliver the paper and I never ate the free boxed cereals that came once a week or took home the free shampoo samples!

I love recruiting, I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and there are still two highs that I constantly chase after. Firstly, our industry most often places people for a sizable increase in their economic life.  My approach is a little bit different… I start by asking, in 3-5 years, what do you want your business card to say?  I can  not  express how good it feels when someone  who is ready for that next career move or someone who has been part of a large restructuring calls to thank you for what you have done for them and their family.  Second, closing deals!  My philosophy is that if you  satisfy the first, the second will always follow!

Everyone has dogmas they live by, things that determine one's character.  I think it is mine that has lead me to my success:


KARMA: Do good and good will come to you!

TIME: Relevant to one's own mind set, and not any other factor!

DOGMA: Hard  work  will always beat genius!


Finally, be humble. And as Kevin Spacey Says, “If you  are lucky enough to do well, it is your responsibility to send the elevator down!”

For the love of sales!


Camila Villarreal

account manager, toronto 

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Through my academic and professional background, as well as my extra-curricular involvement, I have gained invaluable experience around talented, energetic, and passionate people. I am thrilled to continue this journey at Sales Talent Agency – the Best Sales Recruitment Agency in Canada.

For the love of sales!

Vanessa McMullen

GCSC Liaison and Host, Toronto

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As a kid, growing up in a small town two hours north of Toronto, I never thought I would leave. Surrounded by beautiful lakes and constant peace and quiet, it was upsetting to even think about moving. Until, of course, I was old enough to leave.

With only one month left before graduating from high school, I was still unsure of what I would do next. While doing some research on potential travel destinations, I received an offer from Wilfrid Laurier University for their Communications program. I immediately accepted this offer and couldn’t wait to experience university life. Unfortunately after my first year in Waterloo, Ontario, I realized that I wasn’t in the right place. I quickly made the decision to move home, where I took the following year to work and figure out my next steps.

My next move was to Toronto to attend George Brown College for Business Marketing. During my second year, I was very fortunate to meet Sheila Cassidy, the Director for The Great Canadian Sales Competition. After hearing about the Competition in my sales class, I knew it was something I needed to be a part of. I was hired on as an Ambassador and the Team Lead for George Brown College. As a result, our team achieved 175% to target of submissions, ranking in the Top 25% of all participating schools in Canada.

I recently decided to extend my stay at GBC – I’m now apart of the Advanced Business Marketing program and will be graduating in December 2016. I’m very excited to be on-board for the third year of  The Great Canadian Sales Competition as the Competition Liaison and Host!

For the love of sales!


Natalie Johnson

Senior Account Manager, Vancouver

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Throughout my life I have become an extremely passionate and driven individual with a keen interest in developing positive relationships and growth. As a recent BBA-Marketing graduate from Langara College, the knowledge that I have gained throughout this program will surely be an asset in my career in the recruitment industry.  

Sales seemed to be a natural fit for me right from the start. My first sales position was when I was 16 years old.  From there I worked in various retail sales companies and one thing I knew for sure, was that I had what it took to be in sales and be good at it.

After graduating from high school I went to Spain and worked as an Au Pair for the summer.  I lived with a lovely family and taught their two children English. It was an amazing cultural experience for me and left me wanting more.  I became very interested in the development, structure and functioning of human society and enrolled in sociology.  I found it fascinating but soon realized that a career in marketing and business was a more suited direction for me.

My involvement in the Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship program through my final graduation year has brought me valuable skills and broadened my professional network.  With this broadened network I stumbled across a role as a recruiter where I received valuable experience. I continue with this industry because I love building relationships and excel at helping others find and reach their goals.  Recruitment has proven to be a strong fit with my lifestyle and personality. This mixed with my sales abilities and drive to succeed has put me where I am today.

Aside from my academic and professional success, my proudest accomplishment has been on a personal note.  Despite being Type 1 Diabetic I have become a serious runner and have completed three half marathons and one full marathon in conjunction with raising money and awareness for this and other health related illnesses. This alone has proven to me that I can set challenging goals and accomplish them. Sports and fitness have always been a major aspect of my life, and will continue to be as I pursue my career in the recruitment industry.

Being welcomed into Sales Talent Agency has been an unbelievably exciting opportunity and I look forward to many years working with such an amazing team!

For the love of sales!

Annalyse Chapsalis

SENIOR Account Manager, Toronto

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Choosing to be a student at Ryerson University’s, Ted Rogers School of Management was one of the best decisions I have ever made, although I didn’t realize this until my last year as a student. I now have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources management and a minor in professional business communications. My first two years as a university student were miserable. All I did was commute to school and go home right after, without being open to meeting new people. It wasn’t until I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and go on an International Exchange program to Sheffield, England for 6 months where I realized how much life has to offer. Being alone in a new country really contributed to my personal growth and development. Ever since then I have been chasing the need for self- accomplishment, which is what inspired me to become a student leader for the Ryerson Commerce Society in my last year of study.  Being a student leader contributed to one of the most amazing years of my life. This is where I learned how important it is to indulge in the culture of whichever organization you are currently apart of.

Studying Human Resources in university and taking courses such as recruitment where I was able to examine various selection tools, recruitment strategies and practiced interviewing simulated job applicants, I knew I had a passion for recruiting. Having 5 years of retail experience in a competitive, metrics focused and fast-paced environment, I knew I wanted to be in sales, which is why I couldn’t be more excited about joining the team at STA. The informative and insightful yet challenging interview process left me with such a positive impression of the company and the culture. I am delighted to be working with such a hardworking team and I look forward to my future growth as a business professional within Sales Talent Agency.

For the love of sales!

Kailey Ross

Account Manager, Vancouver

t.  1-888-355-0544 ext 2002
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I am a naturally competitive, driven and goal oriented individual who has a genuine passion for making a positive impact in both my personal life and professional career. At a young age I caught the travel bug and it has stuck with me ever since. Backpacking all across Europe and South East Asia has allowed me to develop intuition, confidence and a passion for meeting new people and tackling any challenge I am faced with.

Growing up, my father was in the pharmaceutical sales industry and I have always aspired to one day have a career similar to his, so it was a no brainer that I chose to  complete a degree in Commerce at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. However, after being cooped up in a small town for the first two decades of my life it was about time to try things in the big city. I landed an awesome position at one of the top wine agencies in Toronto working with their sales team which allowed me to learn just how much drive, focus and dedication it takes to make a small organization succeed. Combining my passion for wine and listening to that pesky travel bug whispering in my ear, I decided to give things a go with a year-long stay in the Land Down Under. Through living and working in Australia my love for coastal living and, most importantly, recruiting was born!

Making the move back to Canada, Vancouver was calling my name and after hearing fantastic reviews about Sales Talent Agency from both successful candidate placements and interested clients, I knew I wanted to  start my career with the team! I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with such a passionate group of individuals and look forward to learning from some of the best in the business

For the love of sales!

Brittani Van Dusen

SENIOR account manager, Toronto

t.  416-304-9823 ext 2017
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My personal and professional journey started off as a windy road. At the age of fifteen I got my first part-time job, and throughout university, had up to four at a time – of all different roles. I was determined to put myself through post-secondary school and originally dreamt of becoming a paramedic. Soon after, I learned that I was not suited for that type of career and continued my schooling, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Digital Media degree at UOIT. Every year of university that went by, my path became clearer and more exciting. I believe over these four years I didn’t just get a degree, I gained invaluable knowledge about myself and the world. Aside from learning that I absolutely love to explore, read, and create – I love to learn about people. I am so privileged to be working for Sales Talent Agency where I get to do just that and not to mention, work with a phenomenal team. 

For the love of sales!


Christina Sevcik

SENIOR Account manager, Toronto

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In 2010 I enrolled at the University of Guelph to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. I set a goal to learn as much as I could about what I loved most: people and culture. The determination to meet new people is what gave me the drive to travel to some of the most remote places in the world and experience styles of life, that were foreign to me. I learned how to build relationships with people who didn't speak the same language as I, allowing me to gain a strong intuition about others. Thankfully, being Canadian meant I also had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, right in my own backyard.

 Upon graduation, my eagerness and competitive nature led me into the Sales industry. Not knowing what to expect, I quickly realized that Sales has a lot to do with people! I was able to develop an itinerary of new skills that allowed me to both generate income for my company and build a professional network at the same time. As the years progressed, I began my career in recruitment and I never looked back. I couldn’t believe that one career was able to capture the things I enjoy most; helping others, connecting with people and sales... of course.

 I love being able to provide people with the opportunity to be their best. Sales Talent Agency is a company that I am proud to be a part of. I am committed to connecting the top talent with amazing sales opportunities and I’m delighted to know that the best years of my career are yet to come.

For the love of sales!

Alyssa McCarthy

account manager,Toronto

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My journey into sales started when I was 6 years old. I set up a "store" in my bedroom, then coerced my family to shop for anything and everything, including the kitchen sink. (Really, it was an old sink we were supposed to be throwing away.) Since then, sales has continued to be a big part of my life and my career.

About seven years ago, I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg, Manitoba in search of new opportunities. It was a welcomed change from temperatures that can get as cold as those recorded on Mars! If you can handle 50 below, you can handle just about anything. Needless to say, it didn't take long before I was calling Toronto home. 

After spending the last few years working in Retail Management, running my own business, and representing professional artists, I've progressed into sales recruitment. There's nothing I love more than helping others follow their passions! 

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Sales Talent Agency team, and look forward to helping you with your recruitment needs. 

For the love of sales!

Isabella Taylor

account manager,Toronto

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At the age of 18, after completing high school at Lakefield College, I was awarded a travel scholarship which led me on a 9- month backpacking tour across Europe and North Africa. It was an opportunity to indulge my love of sightseeing, trying new foods, and meeting interesting people. Rather than bouncing quickly from country to country my goal was to spend quality time observing and absorbing the particular cultures of each place I visited. Although it was hard to bring my year abroad to an end, I was eager to make the transition to university and the working world.

My decision to study Sociology and Philosophy at McGill reflected my passion for learning, and a need to explore the way the world functioned, as well as my place in it. Growing up in the small island of Barbados made my transition to Montreal winters difficult, but my desire to grow and succeed in a big city led me first to Toronto and then fortunately to Sales Talent Agency. I've been searching for a career that satisfies both my need for excitement and my natural competitive drive, and a career in sales is exactly that.

I began working in sales at a young age, helping my grandparents at one of their retail stores in Barbados and as my career developed I quickly learned that this is a field I could not only thrive in but truly love. In my pursuit of this passion, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of individuals and contribute in every way possible to the growth of our company. 


Jeevan Binning

Account Manager, Vancouver 

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I spent the majority of my childhood moving, unable to fully ground my roots and as a result I grew up very shy, the perfect “wallflower”. Immediately after I had graduated high school in Atlanta, Georgia, I moved to Vancouver and completed a double concentration BBA at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. Moving across North America to where no one knew me, gave me an opportunity to redefine myself. I still clearly recall the “Aha-Moment” that pushed me out of my own comfort zone to be the outgoing, gregarious person that I am today. I was sitting in my business lecture as a first year student and my professor had called on students requesting a volunteer to present in front of 500+ students. The “high school me” was petrified and timid. However, I remember realizing at that moment that I did not want to live my life in fear or hold myself back from reaching my own potential. At that moment, I had mustered up all my courage to volunteer myself that day… I survived! What I came to realize was that being genuine, transparent and confident - naturally attracted people towards me. As a result, throughout my university experience, I began pushing my boundaries constantly until it became natural and comfortable to do so. I took on leadership roles in a variety of business clubs, joined Toastmasters, attended networking events, Meet-up groups and joined the Vancouver Board of Trade in the Leaders of Tomorrow program… As they say, practice makes perfect!

Finally, once I graduated SFU I had a chance to travel on my own, work in sales for a Tech startup and eventually I found myself recruited by Sales Talent Agency for another position… But in a twist of fate, I was offered an internal position as an Account Manager!

Today, I can confidently say that I am someone who is very comfortable in my own skin, assertive and strive to be the best version of myself - in all aspects of my life… Oh and as an identical twin, I am naturally competitive, proving time and time again that I am the better, funnier and smarter twin… Shh, don’t tell her I said that.

For the love of sales!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Beth Hartwell

Account manager, Vancouver

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For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed working with people. My first job was at a local cafe, and I will never forget the feeling of making someone's day by simply speaking and listening to them - especially after they had their morning coffee. Soon after that, I started working in the hospitality industry and quickly developed an extensive list of regulars. I loved working in a fast paced environment, while also developing relationships and friendships. What I didn’t realize along the way was that my love for people resulted in me loving sales!

While studying Geography at UBC, I enrolled in the co-op program and had my first work term at a boutique recruitment agency. We recruited for technical roles within Vancouver, and I was responsible for conducting reference checks, resume formatting, and general administrative duties. My time with this company definitely helped develop my interest in the Vancouver tech scene, and fueled my curiosity to keep up with new technology. After a few short months, I was actively recruiting for roles, was bringing in candidates, and successfully placed candidates - something no other student had done before!  

When my co-op term came to an end, I decided to move to the south of France for a year. I literally packed my bags and bought an open-ended ticket. I spent that year nannying for a family which was at times, incredibly trying, but also taught me a great deal of patience and persistence. You need to get creative when trying to persuade a five year old to go to sleep!

When I returned home I had to switch gears and focus on completing my degree, and another co-op term. I went to work for Environment Canada as a Project Coordinator. While this position taught me a lot about project management, I was left wanting more - more connections, a more fast-paced environment, and more sales! Upon graduation I knew that sales was where my career was heading.

Recruitment perfectly fuses together all of these things, and allows me to make a positive difference in people's lives. I feel so privileged to work for Sales Talent Agency, and I look forward to many years of growing with the team.

Outside of the office, you can catch me on the bike at Spin Society where 50 minutes on a stationary bike will literally take you to places you never thought possible. Pushing people’s potential, as well as my own has never been so rewarding.

For the love of sales!

Shehzeen Ahmed

Account Manager, Toronto

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My first experience in sales was at the age of 7, working summers in the family coffee shop. I would stand behind the cash and up-sell pastries to clients with my mom’s encouragement. Watching my parents grow their business through hard-work, resilience and a true entrepreneurial passion inspired me to work relentlessly towards my own goals. 

While completing my degree in International Development, Economics and Communications at McGill University, I went abroad on a three month internship in Madrid working in the non-profit sector. There I had the opportunity to work on a project focusing on youth unemployment in Spain with an amazing team of people, as well as teach local volunteers a new language. This experience led me to build my cultural knowledge, international perspective and discover my passion for people. I loved building relationships, solving problems and finding ways to help.

Following Graduation I began working at one of the Big Five Canadian financial institutions. It was here that I got my first real taste of quota based sales. I made my first calls, built meaningful client relationships and experienced the satisfaction of hitting my targets. Once I realized that finance wasn’t the field for me I reached out to Sales Talent Agency in search of the right opportunity to bring together my skills and passions, that opportunity ended being with the agency itself.

Making the move from Montreal to Toronto, I look forward to bringing my creativity, love for people and passion for sales as an Account Manager at STA.

For the love of sales!

Hayley Tongue

account manager, Vancouver

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I started working at a Financial Institution when I was 19 years old as a Financial Service Representative. I was responsible for basic transactions and spotting opportunities that would benefit the member. I enjoyed building relationships with the members, and in turn building their trust. I continued to build on my career within the Credit Union, working in numerous different sales roles, the most recent being as a Lending Specialist. It was while working in the Financial Industry that confirmed I had a passion for sales and helping other people.

While working at the Credit Union, I attended Simon Fraser University, majoring in Business. I changed my concentration a few times from Finance to Accounting and finally deciding on Human Resources. I realized that although, I was passionate about sales and working with clients, a career in Human Resources would allow me to really capitalize on helping others. Recognizing that I needed to make an adjustment in my career path due to the change in my concentration, I began cross training as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, assisting with the recruitment process for customer facing sales positions. I managed a career fair recruitment panel, assisted with resume screening, conducted phone and in person interviews, and assisted with offer extensions. With my passion for helping other people, along with a love of sales, recruitment seemed like the perfect fit!

I am extremely competitive in both my personal and professional life (growing up as the middle child with two sisters didn’t help), and was involved in a lot of competitive sports growing up. I am still passionate about running, and plan on completing my second half marathon in the near future.

I am excited to be a part of Sales Talent Agency and work alongside such a great group of motivated individuals. I am looking forward to a long successful career with the team!

For the love of sales!

Josh STA 3.jpg

Josh Hanson

account manager, Toronto

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Growing up in Arizona, sports were totally ingrained in the culture.  I bought into it completely playing every sport possible – but I fell in love with basketball. By age 16 however, reality kicked in and I realized the NBA wasn’t looking for a slow 6’ tall point guard.

I always had a keen interest in business but was never certain which area made sense for me.  This led me to Ryerson University where I earned a Business degree (B.Comm.).  It wasn’t until I took a course called Effective Persuasion: The Art of Sales that it occurred  to me I actually had been engaged in sales my entire life:  from selling candy and pop at middle school during lunch hour to selling steaks and Stella’s at Joey Don Mills to help pay for university.  Clearly sales had been in my blood, and I loved it. It wasn’t so much what I was selling that mattered; rather it was just the aspect of dealing with people that engaged me the most.

Shortly after graduating I was put into contact with Sales Talent Agency. Upon meeting them I quickly realized this would be a great fit. The interview process was like nothing I have been involved in before and it certainly brought out the best in me.  The culture, the team, what the company stood for all made the opportunity very compelling.

I’m excited to be an Account Manager at STA on Armin Tankovic’s team. I’m now in the envious position of being able to match great people with great opportunities; helping companies improve their sales teams and helping people maximize their potential.  

For the love of sales!

Chelsea Thorne

account manager, Toronto

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While completing my degree in Criminology at the University of Western Ontario, I had the wonderful opportunity to continue my competitive swimming career on the women’s varsity swim team. My experience as a student-athlete taught me to utilize the competitive spirit of sport in my pursuit of academic excellence, as well as how to balance the competing demands through time management. Throughout my four years at Western, I quickly found my passion for helping people and learning about their past experiences, which lead me into searching for a career in the Sales industry.    

Following the completion of my final exams in April, I was given the opportunity to work at Sales Talent Agency. I first came in contact with Sales Talent Agency while searching for the right opportunity for my passion for helping and connecting with people. After speaking with several Account Managers at the agency, I quickly realized my skills and passions for connecting with people aligned with the foundations of Sales Talent Agency. Upon this realization, I was given the amazing opportunity to work alongside the Account Managers that originally assisted me in looking for the perfect position.

In the move from Calgary to Toronto, I look forward to bringing my love for people and competitive edge as an Account Manager at Sales Talent Agency. I look forward to developing an itinerary of new skills with Sales Talent Agency!

For the love of sales!

Nico Arntsen

Sales development representative Toronto

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Have you heard of an empanada? Yes - great, then you know how delicious they are! If you haven’t, don’t worry you’re not alone but I’ll fill you in on the secret… they are a savory snack that is made with puff pastry and filled with a variety of tasty ingredients that is commonly found on the streets of most Latin American countries. But Nico why are you telling me this? Well apart from making you hungry, thanks to empanadas I had my first real exposure to sales.

In 2002, my family and I move to Toronto from Argentina and in an effort to assimilate into Canadian culture, we established a business selling the most Argentinian food possible, empanadas- Ironic eh? Not only was it hard to pronounce (em-puh-nah-duh) but also it contained flavors many Canadians had never thought of trying. Nevertheless, this made it all the more exciting to try and sell! Although my Mother established the brand and created the original recipes, it was truly a family business with everyone pitching in. I began working in the kitchen and by the age of 12 I was also manning the booth at farmers markets around Toronto. One of my fondest memories from this time was getting typically conservative Torontonians (remembers this was 9 years ago, you’re much better now) to come over to my booth and give our “foreign” product a try. I also learnt that creative persistence is key, because when you’re selling such an exotic product most customers will shy away. Yet, when I would explain our brand philosophy and the care we put into making the products, you could sense the trust building and with a few free samples we had the whole market hooked on empanadas!

The experience of working within our family business was invaluable; during this time I realized my passion for getting to know a customer, establishing the relationship and selling a great product.  Although I was young, I knew how hard we all had to work in order to make this business a reality and I have continued to apply this work ethic in several different fields. Since our family business, I’ve also worked as a waiter, good food coordinator and business development for a biotech company in Toronto.  

I recently graduated from McGill University and I'm very excited to be here at Sales Talent Agency in the new role of Sales Development Representative. I hope to learn from this world-class team of professionals and contribute with my own Latin flavour to continue growing our great company!

For the love of sales!

Kevin Hesari

SENIOR Sales development representative Toronto

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I have always been driven by the prospect of a new sales call and fell in love with sales after my first retail position. It was during my second job in high school where I realized I could hone my communication skills through matching the customer's needs to the brands whose value propositions met their desires. To this day, I still remember the feeling of joy I got from selling my first set of under armour cleats and I only looked to hone my skills from that point on.

I grew up in Burlington where I was involved in many extracurricular activities through my school years, but knew I wanted to pursue a business education after taking the Marketing course offered at my high school. From that point on I looked to get involved in any position where I could directly deal with customers in-person, online, or on the phone. Whether it was dealing with customers who were having issues with their cable, answering e-mails regarding a poor experience, or cold-calling local businesses to set-up appointments, I always rose up to the challenge.

Over the course of my education at the University of Guelph, I gained valuable experience in the software, manufacturing, hospitality, and financial industries. Each summer position offered me a different opportunity to utilize my skill set to quickly find solutions for each customer’s concerns. I am thankful for having the opportunity to work within four different industries as I became more adaptable and understood the needs of different industries, from suppliers to prospective clients, and how to retain and attract new customers.

On a personal level, I am goal-driven and will find ways to exceed the expectations of each customer I deal with.  I take pride in finding sustainable solutions for customers, and embrace the hustle that comes with sales! I am ready for all challenges that will come with different industries, economic times, and rapidly changing technologies! I look forward to exceeding your expectations and finding long-term solutions for your organization. Oh,  I'm also a huge sports fan!

For the love of sales!

Dan Manojlovic

Sales development MANAGER, Toronto

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I have never been one to stand by and watch an opportunity pass. To me, winning is everything. I am a graduate from Ryerson University with a Bachelors in Commerce in Marketing and a Minor in Professional Communications. I have worked in a variety of interesting jobs from a Car Salesman to a Logistics Manager for a marketing company. I enjoy exciting opportunities and always jump at an opportunity to learn something new and better myself.

I was born and raised in Toronto and know this great city like the back of my hand. From food to festivals and fairs, I have tried a lot that Toronto has to offer. Feel free to ask me for a recommendation on where to eat when we speak. If I was not working at Sales Talent Agency, I would probably be a driver and simultaneously acting as a personal tour guide for everyone I pick up.

When I was 18, I went shopping for a new car with a friend of mine and met a horrible sales representative. I left the dealership thinking “Dan, you could do that much better! People need to experience a good sales professional!” I immediately walked into a luxury car dealership and got myself a job selling cars. It was this sales position that made me realize I wanted to positively impact the way the world is served. I have had multiple jobs including a Data Analyst, Car Sales Rep (Twice at different times in my life, couldn’t stay away), Manager at a small marketing firm and, yes, a Logistics manager where I aided in building interesting things like parade floats all across Canada.

I found myself searching for a new career where I could work with companies small and large to improve their sales services and help them grow! Of course, I chose to work with the #1 recruiting agency in Canada, Sales Talent Agency.

For the love of sales!

Josh Bertini

Sales development representative,  Toronto

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As far back as I can remember, I knew I was going to work in sales. This became clear to my mother when, as a seven-year-old, I attempted to sell my uneaten packed lunch back to her for a dollar. Three years later, at ten, I opened my first business as a tea bag sales man out of my locker at school: Josh’s Little Tea Shop. I undercut my competition (the school cafeteria) by fifty cents and made a pretty penny. Unfortunately, I was ultimately forced to close shop when the principal caught wind of my lucrative success. But I did not let this setback deter me. On the contrary - my passion for sales continued to grow.

Over the years since, I have developed my business orientation and sales abilities obtaining my degree in Leadership and Organizational Management at the University of Guelph, and holding a variety of positions in Canada and the UK. I excelled in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment when I was the team leader of a group of sales representatives. I exercised my judgment daily and made calculated decisions to benefit my team, while remaining an inspiring exemplar, as I held myself accountable for their success. Having the confidence to be adaptable and personable was key in my role as Marketing Specialist at a leading internet security company. As an Anti-money Laundering Analyst, I learned the importance of detail-orientation and precision. I later applied all these skills as manager of a yacht detailing company, significantly increasing clientele and profitability. Most recently, I was Sales Director of a cold-pressed juice company, where I honed my expertise in cold-calling and presenting.

 When I’m not selling, you’ll typically find me in the kitchen experimenting with recipes. I grew up in Toronto, so it’s only natural that I’m a serious foodie and wine-lover. I’m also an avid and adventurous traveler, as I love learning through experience, meeting new people, taking on unfamiliar challenges, and pushing my comfort zone. I am extremely excited to do all of these things as a member of the Sales Talent Agency team. After all, what better way to honour my love of sales than to work with the best sales recruiting agency in Canada? I look forward to contributing to their success, and to yours.

For the love of sales!

Lidia Aiello

Operations associate, toronto

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I am a university graduate, educated in the field of Communications. Upon completion of my university degree I explored the world of fashion by taking an international course located in London, England, which lead to my certification as a Fashion Style/Image Consultant.  Going to school in London was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I was immersed in such a beautiful culture where everyone had his or her own style (the term ‘Street style” was derived from London because of the way people dressed there).  I learned everything from how trends have evolved and how important it is for all individuals to present themselves for success. 

Upon returning from London I continued my education in fashion at George Brown College, receiving a diploma in Fashion Business. When I completed my diploma I began working for a retail company as a fashion buyer. Shortly into my career I discovered that fashion was something that I absolutely adored but decided it was not my career of choice.    

The next phase in my working career brought me to a Toronto law firm, where I took on a position as an administrative assistant. In this position I worked closely with the Human Resources Manager and I discovered my love for HR. Human Resources is the process of linking the HR function, such as recruiting, selection, performance management, employee and career development, succession planning, retirement and termination, with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance. 

After a year of working at the law office I decided to go back to school and expand my knowledge of Human Resources. This is where I learned that people are an organization’s strongest resource and supporting initiatives to build an empowered, respected and informed employee, is exactly what I wanted to do. Shortly thereafter, I was headhunted by Operations Manager Sarah Gowdy, for their new Operations Associate role. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work and learn alongside such a hard working group of individuals at Sales Talent Agency.

For the love of sales!

kat perrin

Katherine Perrin

GCSC Manager of campus recruitment and operations, Toronto

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I grew up in a very small farm town outside of Brantford called Mount Pleasant. You could blink driving through and the town of Mount Pleasant would be gone. Growing up, I never dreamed of leaving the small town I now know like the back of my hand. That said, once I attended school in St. Catharine’s I began setting some big and lofty goals for myself and knew that a move to bustling downtown Toronto would be my best shot in attaining them. And so begins my next chapter in the most populous metropolitan area in Canada – big change for me!  

I am an Honours graduate from Niagara College’s Business Administration Marketing-Advanced Diploma Program and Niagara College’s Post Graduate Certificate Program in Public Relations where I received the Associate Dean’s Award of Excellence. This September I will be resuming my education part-time at Ryerson University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Commerce-Business Management degree with a marketing major.   

Throughout my academic career I decided to make the most out of as many extra-curricular activities as I could. I was selected to be the Vice President of Enactus Niagara College, which is Niagara College’s non-for-profit that is concentrated in the areas of entrepreneurship, sustainability and literacy. I was also selected to be a part of Niagara College’s Marketing Team where I placed second in market research and fourth in retail marketing provincially. This year I was also one of 12 students selected to be a part of the mentorship program for the Canadian Public Relations Society- Hamilton- Niagara Chapter. And last, but not certainly least, I took part in The Great Canadian Sales Competition, Canada’s Biggest Student Competition,  as Niagara College’s Team Lead/Ambassador. In the Competition’s second year (and first year at Niagara College), our team encouraged 72 students to participate on our campus putting us at 360% to our team target.

Throughout my education, I made a point to dive into extra-curriculars and to also get as much industry experience as I could. Thus far, I have worked for agencies, not-for-profits and the educational sector, which has given me a very valuable perspective on what I want to do with my career. I couldn’t be more excited to assume the position of Competition Coordinator/Regional Manager for The Great Canadian Sales Competition.  Not only do I understand competitions and how to get students involved, but I also understand how extra-curriculars can be a huge benefit to students. I cannot wait to help spread awareness of the GCSC and to share my experiences with as many students as I can.

For the love of sales!

Emily Kalatzis

Marketing and Graphic Design coordinator, Toronto

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I'm a design thinker on a constant quest for success.

I completed my Bachelor of Design at OCAD University in Toronto in addition to an exchange abroad at Parsons Paris and summer program at Emily Carr University in Vancouver.

After countless design internships I took on the role as a freelance graphic designer. Unsatisfied from simply ‘making things look pretty’ I sought out a more dynamic career path for myself. A role in which I could channel my charismatic and driven persona.

I was asked to join Sales Talent Agency to launch their marketing program. With a strategic mindset and the proficiency of a graphic designer, this truly is the perfect role for me.

Brand management and strategy are in essence another form of sales. I constantly find myself asking: how can I leverage STA’s brand presence to maximize their success?

I look forward to not only building but taking the Sales Talent Agency brand to the next level.

When I'm not designing you can catch me at the boxing gym, cycling around the city or basking in the sweetness of my 14-year-old lovebird Macie.


For the love of sales!



Stephanie Iannacchino

Partnership Success Manager, Toronto

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One of the greatest perspectives I have gained as a competitive athlete is the understanding that teamwork is essential for success. The characteristics that made me a great competitor are the same skills that helped me excel in the corporate world.

After high school, I accepted an athletic scholarship to the University at Buffalo where I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion (Public Health). Upon university graduation, I went on to complete a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations at Niagara College, where I took part in The Great Canadian Sales Competition as a Team Ambassador for Niagara College campus. In the Competition’s second year (and first year at Niagara College), our team encouraged 72 students to participate on our campus putting us at 360% to our team target.

Since then, I have worked in the health promotion field where I collaborated with many partners to develop health programs and policies. I have learned to leverage the unique and complementary strengths of a team to achieve common goals and objectives. I understand the importance of strategic planning, partnerships, and collaboration and could not be more excited to transfer my skills to The Great Canadian Sales Competition as the Sponsorship Success Manager . 

For the love of sales!


Aaron Jocano

GCSC Coordinator/regional manager of ontario, Toronto

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I was born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto. In the summer of my grade 12 year, I made the tough decision to put down my orange, leather, spalding dream of becoming the starting point-guard for the Toronto Raptors, and tied a green apron around my waist. I received my first and so far longest sales position, working as a sales associate for Dollarama. Through this position, while attending Centennial College and constantly making new friends, I quickly realized that I loved speaking to people-- and that I could easily relate with them as well.

During my second year at Centennial, I was introduced to the Great Canadian Sales Competition (GCSC). One of my good friends at the time reached out to me to see if I was interested in being an on campus Ambassador. To work alongside some of my closest buddies, interacting with students and at the same time making money? It was a no-brainer to take the role on! We worked to get as many students as possible to join the competition. However, it clicked relatively early that I was very shy and hesitant; pitching the competition to random students that I have never spoken to in my entire life was not my forte after all. It was only when Sheila Cassidy (competition Coordinator/Manager at the time) came to our campus and rang in a ton of submissions (after the school was closed, on her own) by having 100% confidence in herself, that I inherited that same mind-set. Since then, I could honestly say that I broke out of my shyness bubble. My personality matured and I gained the confidence needed to succeed as an Ambassador for the GCSC. That year we placed 3rd out of all the Ambassador teams and the following year we continued to be in the top 10 out of 80 other schools.

Getting hired on to the team as the Competition Coordinator/Regional Manager of Ontario, I have realized that having this mindset must remain constant: “Be proud, but never satisfied”. The competition has grown year-over-year because our team has not become complacent with our success, rather pushed ourselves to be even better - it is for that reason that I am so inspired to work with the Ontario school teams this year and help them to succeed. The Great Canadian Sales Competition completely changed my life, and I know that it will definitely do the same for other students as well!

For the love of sales!


Daniel Petz

Sales Development Representative, Toronto

t.  416-304-9823 ext 2062
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My loves of sales began early in the summer of third grade when I set up a makeshift refreshment stand for construction workers overhauling our neighbourhood’s roads. A few years later in grade 6, I spotted a gap in the schoolyard refreshment market as vending machines were not permitted on campus. I began selling soda out of my locker and ended up selling over 500 cans that year. Ever since closing my first sale many summers ago my passion for sales has grown. Between the authentic interactions and rewarding feeling of closing a deal, I knew I had a future in sales. 

I enrolled at Ryerson University in 2013 in the Marketing and Economics program at the Ted Rogers School of Management. From there I gained experience in consumer facing sales and always enjoyed interacting with a diverse range of clients. Meeting and conversing with new people every day was something I genuinely enjoyed and emboldened my passion for sales. During my third year at Ryerson I was hired as the VP corporate relations for the Ryerson Marketing Association. In this role, I was tasked with selling the RMA to potential sponsors, along with scouting, contacting and securing keynote speakers and workshop attendees. It is through the RMA that I was introduced to Sales Talent Agency and having since graduated from Ryerson, I am looking forward to bringing value to STA while also taking my career in sales to the next level!

For the love of sales!


Danielle Lazenis

Account manager, Toronto

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Over the course of my life, I’ve always known that I would follow in both of my parent’s footsteps and pursue a career in sales. As a recent graduate from Ryerson University with a B.Comm. in Marketing Management and a minor in Sales Management and Service Quality, I am ecstatic to finally start my career in my desired field. 

My passion for sales emerged through various sales and retail jobs, as well as my educational background. My very first job in sales was difficult to get, as I had no prior retail experience needed for the position.  But after perfecting the art of persuasion during one of my first interviews, I was given the chance to sell what girls and women love most in this world…shoes! Although the job was challenging at times, I really thrived and enjoyed working in that type of environment.

The summer after graduation, I had the pleasure to fundraise for Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign utilizing door-to-door sales tactics. I earned a quick promotion to Assistant Manager as I was achieving some of the highest amounts of daily and weekly donations. Entering into a management position was exciting but challenging because I not only had to ensure my own numbers were being achieved, but also my entire team as well. As a naturally self-motivated individual, I was always the one to motivate others and to encourage the development of my team. 

Door-to-door sales taught me how to handle rejection in a positive way, as well as enhanced my interpersonal and negotiation skills. My motto is “every no is closer to a yes,” and maintaining this mindset throughout my career has been essential to my success. As someone who loves sales and helping others, this role at Sales Talent Agency is the perfect role for me, and it’s a pleasure to be working with some of the best sales people in the country.

For the love of sales!


Alex Nicholson

Account manager, Toronto

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After graduating Queen’s University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Studies, I frankly had no idea what I wanted to do career-wise. I spent my first year post-graduation, fulfilling one of my life-long dreams of living and working in Australia. There, I had the opportunity to work for the Outdoor Education Group, a company whose sole purpose is to engage school kids in the outdoors through different learning objectives in beautiful environments around Australia. I had the chance to connect with amazing students and teachers, as well as work with truly incredible people from around the world.

While the world of outdoor education, may seem like a far cry from recruiting, their similarities may surprise you. They both require you to be an excellent problem solver, make customer engagement and service a top priority, as well as, requiring you to thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

While I never imagined myself going into sales, it turns out I love it! As an Account Manager, I am able to connect with my clients and ensure that they find their next great employee! At the same time, I am continuously sourcing impressive candidates across different industries and love the continuous challenge and immense reward of working with different companies and individuals across Canada and the U.S.  

The path that ultimately led me to Sales Talent Agency was not a clear one but I am so incredibly happy and fortunate to work for such a passionate and spectacular organization, full of the most talented people in the industry! Whether you are a start-up needing to hire your first employee, or a Fortune 500 Company looking to expand your organization, I would love to help you grow your team and crush your next quota!

For the Love of Sales!