Stefan Karpowicz

Marketing Associate, toronto

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I was fortunate enough to grow up in Wasaga Beach, Ontario; the famous ‘weekend getaway’ for many of those who reside in the GTA. As I get set to begin a life in Downtown Toronto, I realize how much my life has changed since my simple life at home. However, some things have not changed. From a very young age, I had 3 values instilled in me; perseverance during challenging times, hard-work, and respect for others. I have carried these traits with me throughout my life and they remain equally as important now as they did from day one. I am excited to be able to exercise these traits in combination with others as a marketing associate for STA.

My passion for sales has been developed through previous experience with Best Buy Canada, PepsiCo, and Sales Talent Agency as a Campus Ambassador. I love having the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with others and provide them with a legitimate solution to a problem that they are faced with. My passion for marketing began during my university career. I chose to attend the University of Guelph to earn a Bachelor of Commerce with an emphasis in marketing management. During this time, I became heavily involved with student politics, resulting in being elected as the President of the College of Business and Economics Students’ Association in my final year. In my spare time, I often found myself researching marketing trends and ‘How-to’ marketing videos. My interest in this field expanded to the point where I licenced and founded my own Digital Marketing company. Like most things in life, this posed several challenges and bumps in the road. Ultimately, it was a fantastic learning experience that reinforced the importance of the 3 traits above.

As previously eluded to, I was first introduced to Sales Talent Agency in my first year of University when I became a Campus Ambassador for the Great Canadian Sales Competition. I fell in love with the concept and how unique the challenge was for students to take part in. I truly believe that salesmanship is ingrained in every discipline, and therefore it is very important for students to possess this skillset. I love being able to use my experience in sales & marketing and link it with my passion for helping others succeed. I am excited to continue to help STA grow this competition and increase the number of students who will benefit from taking part in GCSC.

For the love of sales!