Stephanie Cheng

Account manager, Toronto

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My very first sales job was at age 15 scooping ice cream at Laura Secord. I remember falling in love with making people smile and convincing people that they needed a double scoop, a chocolate dipped waffle cone, or sprinkles and gummy bears! My selling style was never forced and I successfully up-sold all the time because I truly believed in the product and it helped in my favour that ice cream generally makes everybody happy.

After working at Laura Secord I worked at Le Chateau and Aritzia and had my first experiences with commission sales. It was exhilarating to uncover peoples’ needs, suggest suitable fashion pieces for them and close sales. I loved the hustle and grind and being rewarded for my hard work.

Following that, I worked at various other retail companies as well as restaurants such as Spoon & Fork and Joey.  Being a server was one of my favourite experiences because it was an extremely fulfilling job where I was able to create irresistible dining experiences for my guests and connect with so many people from all walks of life.

After graduating, I landed my first full-time position as a Wholesale Fashion Sales Representative where I managed four brands and was in charge of inviting buyers and store owners to our showroom to showcase the season’s collections and sell, sell, sell. It was my first job where I had to cold-call and after the first day of cold-calling my fear of cold calling vanished and I grew so much as a person.

I am so excited to begin this journey with Sales Talent Agency as an Account Manager. I could not imagine a more perfect role where I am able to build relationships with clients and candidates and essentially play matchmaker! Looking forward to meeting you all! 

For the love of sales!