Alex Fraser


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After graduating Queen’s University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Studies, I frankly had no idea what I wanted to do career-wise. I spent my first year post-graduation, fulfilling one of my life-long dreams of living and working in Australia. There, I had the opportunity to work for the Outdoor Education Group, a company whose sole purpose is to engage school kids in the outdoors through different learning objectives in beautiful environments around Australia. I had the chance to connect with amazing students and teachers, as well as work with truly incredible people from around the world.

While the world of outdoor education, may seem like a far cry from recruiting, their similarities may surprise you. They both require you to be an excellent problem solver, make customer engagement and service a top priority, as well as, requiring you to thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

While I never imagined myself going into sales, it turns out I love it! As an Account Manager, I am able to connect with my clients and ensure that they find their next great employee! At the same time, I am continuously sourcing impressive candidates across different industries and love the continuous challenge and immense reward of working with different companies and individuals across Canada and the U.S.  

The path that ultimately led me to Sales Talent Agency was not a clear one but I am so incredibly happy and fortunate to work for such a passionate and spectacular organization, full of the most talented people in the industry! Whether you are a start-up needing to hire your first employee, or a Fortune 500 Company looking to expand your organization, I would love to help you grow your team and crush your next quota!

For the Love of Sales!