Ashley Stamatakos


Since I was young, I have always had a passion for helping others and making a difference in the world. Whether it affected 100 people or just 1 person I always tried my best. When applying to George Brown College that was always top of mind when searching for ideal programs. I applied to several programs that I was interested in and felt that I would be able to make a difference.

During high school, I started working at a Honda car dealership as an Assistant Leasing Manager. I really enjoyed my time there as I learned a lot about sales, but also about myself. I had a newfound love for sales and that lit a fire in me to continue my pursuit of happiness.

It was only through my college internship in recruitment that I realized how exciting and intrinsically rewarding this field was. Over the years I wore many different hats doing recruitment, human resources, assisting people with their nutrition and lifestyle, as well as real estate. Having all these different experiences, I recognized that recruitment was the right path for me. Interacting with so many people every day and helping them with one of the most important parts of their lives, their careers, was so fulfilling! I knew I had to get back into it.

This year I connected with Sales Talent Agency and got the conversation started about my interest in recruitment and I am so thankful that I am now a part of the team! Sales Talent Agency is the best in the industry & I am confident that being around so many amazing professionals I will achieve all that I want for my life, my clients & Sales Talent Agency!

For the love of sales!