Christopher Matthews


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I am a curious individual looking to learn in every opportunity that I have. I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelors in Economics and Biology. “Interesting combination”? I get that a lot. I am fascinated in both subjects and want to continuously learn about the developments in each field. I have played competitive sports my entire life such as volleyball, soccer and hockey but the most competitively in basketball. This nurtured my need to win and developed a strong discipline. In fact, if I was not working at Sales Talent Agency I would likely be pursuing professional basketball in Europe.

I have worked many positions in the past such as a camp counsellor, annual giving representative and director of sponsorship for Wilfrid Laurier’s Fashion Society. Each role I have taken on has involved a lot of interpersonal communication which allowed the discovery of my love for interacting with people from various backgrounds. I always felt that many sales representatives had a negative connotation associated with them from exploitative, distasteful methods and goals for customers. This made me work toward providing a consultancy approach to sales and develop a relationship with clients to uncover potential partnership opportunities.

I was able to find a company that combined my passion to learn and consult with companies of all sizes to end the stigma of poor sales support.

For the love of sales!