Debola Oginni

Senior Account Manager, Toronto

For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to help people. I didn’t know what specific job would allow me to do this, but I knew I was passionate about solving unique problems. I decided to pursue a degree in business management and marketing. I was initially drawn to marketing because it focuses on creating products/ services to satisfy a particular need or want. Throughout my university program and co-op experiences, I started to fit the puzzle pieces together and discovered what I wanted to do.

In my first co-op job, I got to explore my creative and analytical side. I develop a passion for finding hidden gems in a pile of data. I fell in love with the feeling of discovering something that could potentially be very valuable. As a result, I started creating a mental picture of what my dream job should be. I knew it had to have a research component.

In my second co-op, I worked at a company where I saw how different departments (such as finance, marketing, sales, supply) operated. This made me realize I wanted to work in sales, specifically as an account manager. I saw how dynamic, interactive, and rewarding the account manager role was. I saw that you had to be resilient and driven to be successful. After graduating, I wanted to understand the basics and decided to work in a front-line sales representative role. This deepened my passion for sales as I loved meeting customers and talking to different people daily. I also knew I wanted more and continued searching for the perfect role.

When I got into contact with Sales Talent Agency, I became very excited as I realized that being a recruiter allows me to combine all the things, I am passionate about Problem-solving, research, creativity, and helping people. This opportunity was the perfect job for me. My mental picture that was blurry for so many years was finally clear. As an STA NEXT Recruiter, I get to connect with exceptional individuals, discover unique talent, and be part of a dynamic team! I am so happy to be joining a company that is the leading innovator in Sales Recruitment.

For the love of sales!