Jean-Francois Ratthé

Executive Search Consultant, Halifax

I started my entrepreneur career early having started and sold 2 successful businesses before turning 28 years old. I fully understand, and appreciate, the start-up world and know how to navigate the challenges associated, having recently collaborated with several tech companies on their growth strategies and expansion in the Canadian and US markets. One of the reasons why I am able to create successful lasting relationships with my clients is based on my strong desire to understand their needs inside out and find that needle in a haystack of talent that is a perfect fit for their organization.

I received a Certificate in Entrepreneurship in 2005, earned my Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR) Certification from the Institute of Professional Management in 2016, and most recently completed a Professional Certificate in Human Resources Development from the University of California at Berkeley.

Outside of work, I am an avid outdoor enthusiast with an affinity for fishing, kayaking, and hiking. I also am a music aficionado who has a weak spot for the likes of Frank Sinatra and mid-century modern architecture.