Jordan Santos


After working in many customer service and sales associates positions, it became clear to me that I personally loved problem-solving for customers. I loved working to understand the customer’s wants and needs helping them solve all their problems. A great part of understanding problem solving had led me to pursue a business degree. Human Resource Management seemed like the best of both worlds for my personality between business and communicating with others. It would be an extremely rewarding feeling knowing that I can make a difference on a larger scale if I can continuously aspire to challenge myself and work hard to meet all my goals.

After learning about all the different types of fields in Human Resource. Recruitment quickly stood out to me. Many of my friends, previous co-workers, and classmates suggested that I would be great in this specific field. Myself, I knew I wanted to be in recruitment because I loved understanding company strategy and getting to interact with new people every day. As some of these people are starting off their career, may be future leaders and continue to drive the foundation. I’ve helped upper management at Foot Locker hire great individuals that are motivated to hit goals and continue to grow within the company.

Not too long ago I got to connect with Sales Talent Agency about a recruitment position. Now that I am a part of the Sales Talent Agency team; the rest is history! I am more than confident in this company as it gives me a challenge, rewarding experience, and constant engagement with people. I’m extremely thankful to be a part of a leader in its field that continues to grow every day. 

For the love of sales!