Louisa Petkov


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Two main themes have guided me through my life so far: emotional intelligence and a desire for fast-paced environments. Simply put, I love making relationships and being where the action is. That’s why from the age of 15 I began working as a Hostess at The Pickle Barrel. I ended up staying there for 5 years working every customer-facing position you can think of there being in a restaurant. I loved this for two reasons: first, I was finally able to be financially independent and second, it consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone. Every day was different and I learned how to handle almost every situation thrown at me.

I continued to work in the service industry while transitioning into and attending university, which came with its own problem – what to study? I enthusiastically completed my education in Human Resources at Ryerson University because it gave me the best of both worlds – I could work with people and have the potential for professional success. During my time at Ryerson, I made another exciting decision: to study abroad in Spain. This experience further pushed me to create relationships across countries and manage the most unexpected situations.

Upon returning to Toronto and graduating from Ryerson, I had my first taste of recruitment with an agency. I worked within a 3-person company where I led the sourcing of candidates for my clients. I knew from the excitement I would feel after closing each project, and the happiness from hearing the sincere gratitude from each client that this was the career for me.  This is why I am extremely excited to be a part of such a lively and driven company such as Sales Talent Agency where I can continue my professional growth.

For the love of sales!