Michelle Tanner

Recruitment Administrator Intern, Toronto

Growing up, I was the kid in the grocery store walking up to anyone and everyone to say hello and spark interactions with new friends. My eagerness to meet and talk to new people led my parents to encourage me to sell makeup door-to-door, my first sales job! If you ask anyone I know, I have always been described as a people person. 

In high school, through my significant engagement in a non-profit, I discovered my love for recruitment. I learned about my passion for engaging with people, connecting them with something they love, and solving challenges they face along the way. 

I am pursuing my degree in Political Science and Social Entrepreneurship from McGill University. This year, I worked for McGill’s Arts Undergraduate Society overseeing their Human Resources department. I was also a Compliance Intern for Highgate Group, a wealth management firm based out of Montreal. Through my experiences both on- and off-campus, I have realized the power of resilience, creating meaningful relationships, and determination. 

As I join Sales Talent Agency and begin a new journey, I am ready to continue the fire of recruitment that sparked in me a long time ago. I could not be more excited about this opportunity. 

For the love of sales!