Paul Dimond

Managing Director , APAC

Leaving school, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I’m a deep thinker, so I eventually decided to study Psychology after considering Sports Coaching, Teaching, and even Law. The mind and human behavior still intrigues me to this day but it wasn’t my future; nor were any of the others. I didn’t realize the things they had in common until I was encouraged to join a brokerage company as a Sales Rep by an older member of the football club I played for. He saw abilities I had in relationship development, a driven and resilient nature, and a spirited competitive edge. This was my platform for a career in sales. 
I fell into recruitment after applying to an advertisement for a position being managed by an agency who subsequently offered me a job as a Trainee Recruiter. Fast-forward 18 years to now and I’ve learned a lot from partnering with customers of all different sizes, at varying stages of their growth, and working in countries including Singapore, Australia, the US, and Canada. I’ve learned so much about empathy, educating, and emotional intelligence – the foundation for sales success in my opinion, and why I likely gravitated to those fields above when assessing my study options.  
It was 2010 in Vancouver where my journey with Jamie and Sales Talent Agency began and what was an amazing four years working with a growing young business, energetic team and some of Silicon Valleys’ hottest start-ups. In this new, post-Covid era for Sales professionals, my passion for sales and phase of global expansion is what led me back to STA. The company, offerings, and value proposition has evolved significantly over the last seven years and my role this time is to open up a new geographic region, collaborating with the team and our clients in North America and Europe as they expand in APAC with a continued focus on emerging Pre-IPO tech companies and key VC’s.
Excited to be back!