Rajdeep Kaur


I was born in India and moved to Canada alone when I was 17. I had always been eager to get out of my small town and explore the world. Coming to Canada to study after high school was a teenage dream come true and too good of an opportunity to miss!

While studying Marketing at Seneca College, I started working at Saje Natural Wellness. At this job, I realized my love for everything sales! Sales was not just about selling the product, but it was the complete experience woven together with the desire to help people.

After finishing college in 2019, I continued working at Saje Natural Wellness before leaving for India for three months. Upon returning to Canada, I shifted from working in retail to working in an advertising agency as an Account Manager. This role at PixFuture helped me to continue growing professionally, hone my skills, and connect me with clients worldwide.

Funnily enough, while taking a sales course in the first semester of college, I had thought that was definitely not for me, but here we are now!

In this new chapter at Sales Talent Agency, I’m thrilled to be part of this team and can’t wait to get this journey started.

For the love of sales!