Tom Kravchenko

Recruitment Project Analyst, Toronto

t. 416-304-9823 EXT. 2113

After growing up in a small town in Bruce County, Ontario, playing soccer, tennis, and golf, competitively, I fell in love with the competitive aspect of sports. I always strived to be better every day and reach new goals every single year. After not knowing what I wanted to do right after high school, my dad suggested that I go into a business marketing course since “it seemed kind of cool.” So I moved five hours from home and followed my sister to Kingston, Ontario, and I had the pleasure of being taught by the amazing professors at St. Lawrence College. That’s where I was introduced to the sales world with a class called “Professional Selling.”

After learning more and more about sales, I finally found a path to follow that I thought I could do well in. My first bit of sales experience was working at a golf retailer in my second year, and I loved connecting with new people and helping them solve their problems. As well, I realized that all the skills and traits that were helping me in sales came directly from playing sports. Great teamwork, the desire to do better, and being resilient are all things I was taught, and now they’re all directly helping me towards building a great career for myself in sales. 

I thought the best way to move my career forward after four years of living in Kingston would be to move to the big city of Toronto, and luckily enough, I had the chance to join the great people at Sales Talent Agency to really grow and expand my knowledge in this industry. I am very excited to take the next step and commence this opportunity with STA and hope to make the most of it every single day!

For the love of sales!