Xander Ashton


t. 416-304-9823 EXT. 2023

From a young age, I had a passion to sell. From trading video games to selling old sports equipment, I was motivated and ambitious. 

Coming out of high school without a clear, defined career path I obtained my first sales job at The Brick with 100% commission. I assumed the role would be fairly easy, however, after tanking the first week I began to think otherwise. The following week I was determined to prove to everyone I was great in sales. So, I did everything I could to become a phenomenal sales person, from shadowing co-workers to watching videos. The following times to come I quickly began blowing my targets out of the water, and rose to consistently being one of the top performers. I even sold the most high-ticketed item in the store, which no one had ever sold before. The feeling of achievement and closing sales was unbelievable, complete satisfaction. I then realized this was something I loved. 

I decided I wanted to pursue sales as a career and I attended Brock University in Ontario to obtain a degree in Business Communications. The program allowed me to develop a high level of competence in communication, while combining aspects in business of marketing, public relations, management and working with a diverse range of people. 

While pursing my degree, I became involved in my family business of custom upholstery and blinds. I began as a media coordinator from updating the website to managing social media. By updating the website and ensuring it was ranked number one on Google, I drastically increased the account base. I then went on to become a sales representative for the business where I developed exceptional skills in customer service, lead generation and sales proposals. 

Overall my experiences have led me to ensure I meet and exceed expectations and standards, while being a dedicated and hard worker. I love people and I love sales, which has driven me to this role at Sales Talent Agency. I am extremely thrilled to be part of such an amazing and enthusiastic team. This role provides me with an opportunity to help individuals attain rewarding and successful careers, while helping organizations seek top talent in the country to enhance their workforce. 

For the love of sales!