Case Study: Major growth partnership

Client: Telus

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The Result


How Telus and Sales Talent Agency partnered to make 31 great sales hires

The Challenge

Telus is Canada’s fastest growing telecommunications company that provides a wide range of products and services including phones, internet, television and entertainment. With rapid growth across multiple markets (they now have 48,000 employees!), the recruitment team at Telus recognized the need for support in hiring for multiple sales roles within their company.

The Solution

Telus engaged Sales Talent Agency (STA) to help them tackle a recent recruitment problem: an overwhelming growth plan with urgent hiring targets, in a competitive market for top sales talent.

Telus needed a trusted partner that would not only represent and articulate their brand messaging in the market, but was also an expert at understanding the intrinsic laws related to human capital management. The end goal? To hire the very best candidates for their open sales roles.

Key Telus leaders identified that their major growth objective required salespeople across a variety of roles and functions: inside sales, mid-market, enterprise, sales specialists, executive, leadership, etc. This meant multiple candidate profiles with core similarities that included: drive and resiliency; empathy and the ability to connect with clients; a blend of hunting and farming; a strong sales acumen; and a proven history of performance, personally and professionally.

A weekly communication touchpoint was set up to review the proactive and niche candidate pipeline delivered by Sales Talent Agency. The strategy was to work parallel with the Telus recruitment team (sales leaders and human resources) to ensure a consistent brand message and candidate profile relevancy. The expectation was that Sales Talent Agency needed to present a shortlisted group of 3-5 candidates every 6 business days, across various markets.

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The Result

Over the past year, Sales Talent Agency worked quickly with Telus to help them find and hire the best sales talent for their business. During this time, 98 candidates were presented, 31 were hired (all with 100% positive feedback), 0 hires have been replaced (this is basically unheard of in the recruitment industry as there are typically 1-2 replacements for every 10 hires) and 4 are already on track to hit their 2018 President’s Club targets.

With their continued success, Telus now uses STA as their go-to recruitment partner across Canada and are working together to hire for strategic sales leadership roles to further drive their growth and expansion.


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- Telus