And Then 3 Years Go By...


When I posted the previous blog, a few months before the launch of Sales Talent Agency, I assumed this would be a constant task: the blog. A diary of our day-in, day-out struggles, battles, victories, defeats as we built our new company. A “must have” for any young entrepreneur in today’s world, right?

I pictured me finishing a hard day of deal-making and documenting my thoughts and feelings. I would blog about the legal process of incorporating a company; about the creative process of developing our service offerings, pricing and marketing materials; and about signing our first client – being wily and aggressive and having nothing to lose. I would blog about leasing our first office space, hiring our first employees, paying our first corporate taxes.

And then 3 years go by and I didn’t write a bloody thing.

Everything I thought I would blog about actually happened. At least I think it all happened – without the blog as a record who knows for sure?

We found a great company name: Sales Talent Agency: a name of destiny (like Einstein, Pele, Madonna). We fought a hundred different battles and won most of them. We found amazing people to work with (I really LOVE working with this team!). We made over a million dollars in revenue in our first full year. Sonya has been an amazing business partner (she has had 2 kids since we started and barely skipped a beat!).

All in all, this has been the most fun I have had in my career. And still as I look ahead to 2010 and start working on our business plan I feel incredibly overwhelmed: we have so much left to do.

My biggest goals for 2010 (making this up as I go along):

  1. Solidify our standing as the no.1 sales recruitment company in Vancouver (small city: very attainable)

  2. Continue to grow our marketshare in Toronto (big city, much more fractured recruitment landscape: we can absolutely own that market in the next 2-3 years)

  3. Build a bigger presence in Calgary
  4. Prove that a sales recruitment company – when at its best (engaged recruiters and engaged clients) - can be the most valuable business partnership for a company looking to grow its revenues and build marketshare
  5. Take my wife to Africa
  6. See my nephews (in England) at least once (hopefully twice)

Those seem like pretty good goals. Here is to 2010!