Had a chance to present "A Career in Sales" to 70+ Sauders students



Sauders School of Business (UBC) invited me to present to their students (BCOM and MBA) last Friday on "A Career in Sales". I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about the topic and putting together some talking points that included:

  1. Why… you should launch your career in a sales role
  2. What… top employers are looking for from you
  3. How… to build and manage a professional sales career

The presentation went well (I spoke a bit faster than I would like - especially with my accent - but no one seemed to notice), and I got great feedback from the students and leaders. I think people liked that I was very honest and practical about the topic (as opposed to a more theoretical, idealistic approach). I hope to get a chance to work more with students nationally: introducing Sales Talent Agency to business professionals as early as college is a key part of our company's strategy moving forward.

Here is a link to the presentation slides Presentation to Sauders Students - 2011