The Sales Talent Agency 3-Year Apprenticeship Program - now accepting applications for Toronto 2012

Sales Talent Agency - Toronto Apprentice_2012

The Sales Talent Agency 3-Year Apprenticeship Program Now accepting applications for Toronto – 2012 (Email:

This is an exciting time for Sales Talent Agency. Now in its 5th year of operations, we have become the most respected sales recruitment company in Canada AND we are the country's best boutique recruitment agency - period. We have helped more than 250 companies find quality sales reps at all levels, from junior sales hunters, to senior business developers, key account managers, sales managers and sales VP's. There are 20 Sales Talent Agents across the country and we are growing! All of our Sales Talent Agents with more than 12-months of tenure made 6-figure++ incomes in 2011.

After the overwhelming success of our first Apprentice (she only lasted a year, skipped year 2 and 3, and is now a top performing Sales Talent Agent) Sales Talent Agency is looking to hire another apprentice who is looking to build their career in the recruitment industry. We are looking to on-board a future Sales Talent Agent on or before September 1, 2012.

Year 1: Learn to Become a Recruiter

In your first year, you will be assigned as a support partner for one of our established Sales Talent Agents. You will work extremely closely with that experienced sales recruitment expert for a 12-month period learning how to build strategic recruitment project plans, develop candidate sourcing strategies, write compelling job profiles, identify and interview quality sales professionals, construct candidate profiles, interact with hiring managers, and present candidates to clients for best possible results. You will be assigned research projects, you will learn how to identify quality recruitment clients/projects, and you will provide vacation support to your Sales Talent Agent mentor.  Most importantly – you will learn how to identify top performing sales professionals. You will learn sales from the ground up.

Your compensation for Year 1 will be a $24,000 salary ($2,000 paid each month split into 2 bi-weekly payments), with small incentive bonuses if you find quality candidates for your mentor that they place with a client ($500 per placement). It is important to note that Sales Talent Agency does not have an employee benefits package, and that your total Year 1 income is likely to be less than $30,000. You will be provided a lap-top computer and an in-office phone.

Year 2: Start to Develop your own Client Portfolio

In your second year with Sales Talent Agency, you will use your new-found expertise as a sales recruiter to start to develop your own client base. This will involve identifying new potential client opportunities and cold-calling companies to generate new business opportunities. In this 2nd year, you will be mentored by Jamie Scarborough and Sonya Meloff (the owners of Sales Talent Agency) and will learn quality business development techniques, how to manage a sales pipeline, negotiate service agreements, and become a well-rounded Sales Talent Agent. With each new client project you bring onboard, you will develop and execute a strategic recruitment plan to close the role.

Your compensation for Year 2 will be a $36,000 salary ($3,000 paid each month split into 2 bi-weekly payments), with an uncapped commission plan that will see your income grow significantly. You will earn 10% commissions on your Recognized Individual Billings (RIB - a common term at Sales Talent Agency), which means that if your RIB over the year is $120,000 (this is a VERY realistic projected amount), you will earn an additional $12,000 for the year in commissions. Therefore, your projected total income for Year 2 is $48,000, but top performers will exceed this amount.

Year 3: Become a Sales Talent Agent!

In your third year, you will be a fully-fledged Sales Talent Agent, with the same compensation structure as our experienced representatives. You will manage your own client portfolio, work your roles, and have complete autonomy with a fantastic support system to help you maximize your personal income. Your on-target income for Year 3 is expected to approach or exceed $100,000.

So by your third year with our company, you will have an exciting career as a Sales Talent Agent. You will have "earned your stripes" as a recruiter, learned best practices as a business developer, and have started to develop your client portfolio (an ongoing process that requires top-performers to continue to develop new client opportunities year-in and year-out). You will be working for an employer that truly believes in partnership and fostering an environment of success for everyone involved with the company: our employees, our clients, and our candidates.

How do you qualify?

We are looking for people just starting their career. A business degree or sales/marketing-related diploma would obviously be beneficial. Most importantly, you will be someone with undeniable energy and enthusiasm. You will be hungry for success but humble enough to learn. You will have a great customer-centric focus. You will hate rejection but not be afraid of it. You will be looking for a long-term career, not just a short-term job. You will be curious about businesses and business models. You will be likeable, engaging, and empathetic. In short: you will be a Sales Talent Agent.

We look forward to hearing from you. Send enquiries to (Subject should read: “I want to be a Sales Talent Agent!”)

For the love of Sales!