Danika Miller-Bouchard

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They say "curiosity killed the cat", but I believe that curiosity is what got me to where I am today.

My favorite part of the 3rd grade would come at the lunch hour. The school bell would ring and children would flock to the school yard. Some playing soccer, others hopscotch, and, for a very select few, testing their skills in sales. Unbeknownst to our teachers at the time, my classmates and I would gather in the farthest corner of the yard before the Wall Street-esque negotiations began. From Dunkaroo's, to Cabbage Patch Kids and colored pencils, no trade was off limits. My most prized sales moment came when I found a Winnipeg Jets sticker on the floor. Curious to see just how far I could take it, the sticker was eventually traded in for a $5 bill and my most prized sales moment was born.

From then on out, I’ve pursued a variety of interests that have moved me along a consistent sales path. After dabbling in Retail Sales and Customer Service, I became intrigued by the concept of what motivated people to buy products - the "Why Behind the Buy". This led me to my studies in Fashion Marketing. I fell in love with the idea of finding the perfect way to market a product to a specific customer. Shortly after graduating, I co-founded a Marketing Consulting company while working full-time in the e-commerce department of Aritzia, the international women's fashion retailer. It took me only a few of my own clients to realize that what I enjoyed most was selling the services we offered. And that's when I realized I had found my true passion - Sales.

My curiosity allows me to appreciate and enjoy the challenge that Sales has to offer. I love the process of understanding what makes people tick and I fully embrace the philosophy of "seek first to understand, then to be understood"; it helps me sell with a noble purpose and remain proud of the work that I do.

So maybe curiosity did kill the cat after all. But maybe the satisfaction of a good sale could bring it back.

For the love of sales!