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Sales Talent Agency is Saskatoon & Regina’s leading B2B sales recruitment company. We are sales experts who associate with rain-makers, not warm bodies. We know a quota crusher from a revenue sponge. We have credibility with quality sales professionals in Saskatoon & Regina because we have been in their shoes. We know that every open sales role – from VP to Business Developer – represents revenue a company is losing. Every day a role is unfilled or has the wrong person in the seat, means a day losing ground on the competition.

We are respected within Saskatoon & Regina as sales recruitment experts by the people we place, the companies we help, and by the sales community as a whole. Our candidates are difference makers for our clients and our clients respect our candidate’s contributions and pay them well for results. Launched in 2007, our roster of clients includes start-ups as well as many of the largest brands across various industries; including media, software, IT, industrial, and telecom companies. For many, we have exclusive outsourced contracts. Finding great sales professionals is not just our business: it is our passion. Whether you are looking to fill one key sales role in Saskatoon & Regina or need help building your entire sales team, Sales Talent Agency will get it done the right way, the first time.

Over the past 15+ years we have: 

  • Facilitated sales hires in Saskatoon & Regina with base salaries ranging from $45,000 – $100,000
  • Successfully placed sales roles in a vast majority of industries including professional services sales, media sales, medical & pharmaceutical sales, technology and software sales, transportation and logistic sales, finance sales, industrial sales, and consumer packaged good sales.

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