How to make great sales hires

You don’t make a sales hire to fill a seat. You want a long-term top performer who will make a positive revenue and cultural impact. As the leaders in sales recruitment, Sales Talent Agency has identified the four critical components to consistently making great hires. We refer to it as F.A.C.E.™

How to make great hires consistently


Recruitment is a sales function. You cannot wait for candidates to come to you. You have to go get them. “Find” is about being creative and aggressive with your candidate networking techniques.

Tip: Your ideal candidate may not be ready when you are… stay in touch even when you are not actively hiring so they think of you first when they are next exploring their career options.


Good candidates have choice. Are you ready to explain why they should choose you? “Attract” is about communicating an Employer Value Proposition that is unique and compelling to your ideal candidate. It should clearly show why your company is a great place for them to invest their career.

Tip: Add proof through current employee testimonials


What does a great salesperson even look like? Do they walk faster, think quicker, or schmooze better? “Choose” is about knowing specifically what kind of person will excel in your company and role, and developing interview and analysis techniques that will point you to the highest probability hire.

Tip: Review Sales Talent Agency’s proven DNA/PRO™ methodology to see the 6 areas we focus on when helping our clients make their best sales hires… it was based on thousands of repetitions over 12+ years!


So you spent all that time and money to make a hire, and they are gone in less than a year? What a waste! “Equip” is about getting the most – both performance and tenure – from your sales hires. You need to consider how you onboard, coach and develop their skills, as well as how you direct their behaviour through compensation and how you support their sales engagements through smart marketing and analytics.

Tip: Great case studies provide the proof of success that make a salesperson’s life so much easier… make collecting and distributing them a core mission for your support team.

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