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Over the last 15+ years, Sales Talent Agency has established a reputation as the hardest working, most knowledgeable, and well-networked sales recruitment company for North America, Europe, and Australia. We have successfully helped more than 1,600+ companies hire top-performing sales professionals – from CROs to BDRs and everything in between – including: Citron Hygiene, Rogers, SAP, Salesforce, Honeywell, Sonos, Procore, FlightCentre, IBM, FreshBooks, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Clearco, Sigvaris Group, Purolator and Ceridian. Along the way, we have facilitated over $600M+ in salaries while maintaining one of the lowest replacement rates in the industry at 2%. Whether you are looking to fill one key sales role or need help building your entire sales team, we will get it done the right way, the first time.


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We started Sales Talent Agency together in 2007. Our big idea was to revolutionize sales recruitment. We had a thousand business ideas before that, but none of them stuck. Sales Talent Agency felt right from the very first day. 

Over 15 years later, we have built a company we are really proud of. Those years in between were a lot of hard work and a tonne of fun. We remember our first deals and dollars. We look fondly on our failures and successes throughout the years. We are so grateful for key hires along the way.

Today, Sales Talent Agency has a culture of passion, creativity and extra effort. We are more focused than ever on revolutionizing sales recruitment, and we have an amazing team of people who have the ideas and enthusiasm to make it happen. 


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Sales roles we recruit for

Sales Development Rep (SDR)/ Business Development Rep (BDR)

This is typically an inside sales representative at an early career stage that focuses exclusively on outbound prospecting of new client relationships. A SDR or BDR often only manages the early/prospecting stage of a sales process.

Territory Sales Representatives

You are looking for a quality deal-maker who isn’t happy until they’ve crushed their quota and are enjoying their President’s Club celebratory cocktail. They are self-motivated, well-presented and hungry for success – and they always get it.

Account Manager

Whether in-person, on the phone, or via email, Account Managers are expert communicators with maximum empathy blended with a good measure of drive to keep building their client relationship and ensuring their account portfolio grows year-in/year-out.

Technical Sales/Solutions Engineer

This role requires expert product knowledge and communication to be able to sell complex solutions to your clients in a way that clearly demonstrates the value behind your product or service.

Key Account Managers (KAM) and National Account Managers (NAM)

Your company will trust its biggest accounts and prospects to this person because of their expert ability to build and manage a complex and multi-level sales relationship.

Inside Sales Representatives

You are looking for a self-motivated desk quarter-back who can help ensure that the deal closes and that the client keeps coming back. They are a great team-member and are driven by results.

Sales Directors

You are looking for an accomplished sales leader who optimizes and implements KPIs to measure your business unit’s progress and ensure your managers are getting the most from their sales teams.

Sales Executives (EVP & VP level)

You are looking for a leader and strategist who guides your Company’s sales efforts, helping shape and implement the C-level vision.

Sales Managers

You are looking for someone to lead your sales team towards and above quota – time and time again! They must be a coach, mentor and expert sales tactician. They will earn credibility with your team, and the respect of the company leaders.

Sales Operations

You are looking for a sales leader’s best friend and most trusted advisor: that one key partner that helps define and implement the business strategy, measure the results, and keep the sales engine running.

Sales Rookies

You are looking for someone with: energy, enthusiasm, and tonnes of passion. They must be eager to please and desperate for success. They must be smart and well-educated. They just want a great opportunity to show it!

Sales Support

You are looking for someone who can fill in the gaps to make your sales team more productive. They have business acumen and are eager to roll-up-your-sleeves! They are administratively exceptional, and love to help other people reach their potential.

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