Kat Pospelova

account manager, toronto 

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I have always been known as “the energizer bunny”. While attending the University of Windsor, I took part in everything that was offered to a university student. I completed a double concentration in Marketing and Finance that had caused me to course overload, I was part of numerous clubs, and had 2 jobs at each point in time. What I have learned about myself, is that when I find a subject or a cause I truly believe in, it becomes my personal agenda to watch it grow and succeed. The University was that venue for me. It did not matter whether I was working in their Finance Lab, marking papers or recruiting the prospective minds of tomorrow. What mattered was that each day, I had the opportunity to expose the University of Windsor brand to new individuals and watch it flourish.

Upon graduation, I began seeking a new brand that I could pour myself into and what better way to encompass that than becoming a sales professional? That was the driving point to sales. I initially applied to a job through Sales Talent Agency, but was lucky to be contacted for an interview for a job there rather than one of their partners. The whole recruitment process was very individualistic and had put me outside of my comfort zone to truly bring out my core competencies. There was no standard, “copy and paste” behavior. I had to really showcase myself to be a successful candidate. It was then, that I realized how much I wanted to be part of Sales Talent Agency.

I am a very active person that enjoys many things from volunteering abroad to working out, but most of all I am proud to say that I found a perfect fit to pour my “energy” into through Sales Talent Agency.

For the love of sales!